prime success 中文意思是什麼

prime success 解釋
  • prime : adj 1 最初的;第一的,首位的;首要的,主要的;原始的;基本的;原有的。2 最好的,第一流的,頭等的...
  • success : n. 1. 成功,成就;好結果,好成績;成功者;考試及格者。2. 〈方、罕〉結果,成績。
  1. The prime determinant of their success was not society or culture; it was management.

  2. But today, because of the factors of open marketing prime cost, transparent technology, similar or “ cloning ” marketing approaches, the domestic construction machinery producing enterprises not only can ’ t attain their goals solely depending on the price war, but also suffered a great impact on that. under this circumstance, what kinds of factors determining the success of one enterprise ’ s marketing strategy is the common focus from various enterprises

  3. The period of greatest popularity, success, or power ; prime

  4. " the festival gives us all the chance both to reflect on the great contribution of the chinese community to this country ' s success, prosperity and culture and how we all gain from the diversity of our society, " the british prime minister said in the message

    他還在賀詞中說: 「這個節日給了我們思考華人團體對我們國家的興旺發展文化事業以及社會多樣性所做出的巨大貢獻的機會。 」國際在線獨家資訊王高山
  5. Scale does not equal to efficiency. after the completion of m & as transaction, the merging company has a structural optimization process, i. e. through spin - off or split - up to lessen the scale, strengthen the prime businesses and increase efficiency ; at the same time, restructuring and integration of merging company after m & as are essential procedures in the course of m & as transaction. whether a m & as transaction can achieve a final success is determined by whether powerful integration measure is taken

  6. And here is the prime condition of success, the great secret : concentrate your energy, thought, and capital exclusively upon the business in which you are engaged

  7. The prime minister shaukat aziz said the reforms in pakistan are better than the whole asia region and the foreign direct investment of over $ 6billion is the proof of the success of these reform policies

  8. The text runs down the history of value orientation from the eyes of political economic, merchandise has the property of customer orientation from the birth of itself. in the condition of capital, the absolute of competition and the limit of marketing resource determines that customer orientation is the prime request for the success of enterprise