product vapour 中文意思是什麼

product vapour 解釋
  • product : n. 1. 產物,產品;製品;產量;出產。2. 結果,成果。3. 創作,作品。4. 【化學】生成物;【數學】積,乘積。
  • vapour : n 1 汽,蒸氣,水蒸氣;煙霧,霧,靄;【物理學】汽化液體,汽化固體。2 沒有實質的東西;幻想,空想,...
  1. This product had strong property of separation and recovery of organic dissolvent and vapour, such as ether, ketone, alcohol, thf, dichlorotetra, chlorolform, narkosid, carbon disulfide disulphide, carbon, benzol, gasoline oil, etc

  2. This product had strong property of separation and recovery of organic dissolvent and vapour

  3. Vapour pressure is an important product specification.

  4. This enterprise is china automobile parts is jointly sold the group member nuit, and the product is all tested through beijing city technical supervision bureau and changchun automobile research institute etc specialty departments many times, and all items are completely qualified, and achieves the advanced standard of internal same ' s product, and the new light of shenyang and forms a complete system in the new main engine factories such as morning, shenyang great wall fu sang baoding great wall, would rather sends out, zhejiang is lucky and one vapour etc of mianyang

  5. Baised on tradition technology, the key product procedure were improvd on extractive mine decompose procedure of monazite in alkali, the new technology can resolve the longer tradition craft flow of vapour sequence heating be prone to emit chamfer higher energy consume 、 unstabilize operation low decompose rate, it can lower produce costing 150 yuan / t, decompose rate can be advanced 2 %

    摘要在傳統工藝的基礎上,對獨居石精礦處理的關鍵工序堿分解進行了改進,重點解決了原工藝蒸汽加熱連續分解的工藝流程長、易冒槽、耗能高、不穩定及分解率相對較低的問題,降低噸處理精礦生產成本150元左右,提高分解率2 %左右。