professional ship 中文意思是什麼

professional ship 解釋
  • professional : adj 1 職業的,專業的,專職的 (opp amateurish); 本職的,專門的。2 從事(需要知識修養的)專門職業...
  • ship : n 1 船;大船;海船;艦〈作陰性看,代名詞用 she her〉。2 三桅船;全裝帆船。3 船形物。4 〈俚語〉賽...
  1. Presented by mic and md to promote the professional image of the maritime industry, the booth features various service sectors of the maritime cluster in hong kong, including ship finance, ship brokering, ship management, marine insurance, maritime arbitration and maritime law, as well as the job information on md

  2. Currently, there are a group of experienced professional ship repairing in our corporation, which relies on the humanist management idea, stimulates staffs host spirit the company hold the belief of : seeking survival through quality guarantee, further development through efficiency promotion, promising future through environmental protection and the management nust be faithful, the production must be safety, administration must be in guarantee, the service must be high - quality in order to increase the companys market competitive ability, and foster a good and healthy company image now we still be busy in constructing the platform of the quality and security, and we will take satisfaction of shipowner is our pursue as the goal, create the deligently brand of the industry outstanding credit enterprise, all staffs in the corporation are now pushing themselves to work hard in order to let the people in the world getting much understanding of east fujian, and to let the ship industry of east fujian being well - known in the world

  3. Counters for applications for various permits and certificates for trade or import export purposes of the agriculture, fisheries and conversation department, applications for incorporation and registration of companies, public searches of the companies registry, registration services for medical and healthcare professionals, registration and licensing services relating to chinese medicines, school dental clinics, sai ying pun dermatological clinic and chai wan social hygiene clinic of the department of health, shroff for receiving payment of debts damages of the department of justice, some support services to schools, teachers and the general public provided by the education and manpower bureau, registration services for electrical workers, lpg cylinder wagons, lifts and escalators, builders lifts tower working platforms and amusement rides provided by the electrical and mechanical services department, processing of sick leave clearance for employees claiming work injury compensation by the labour department, sections dealing with family litigation and insolvency matters and criminal matters of the legal aid department, licensing and port formalities at four marine offices and advance booking of professional ship surveying and inspection service of the marine department, services for offenders and medical social services at department of healths kowloon bay integrated treatment centre provided by the social welfare department, road driving tests and driving ability assessment services to people with disabilities provided by the transport department and customer enquiry centres and meter testing services of the water supplies department will move to a five - day week with effect from january 1, 2007

  4. These factors severely restrict the development of shipping technical management, for example, the efficient use of management expenses, the safety of ship, operation factor, the service life of ship, the professional ability of managerial handler and what is more, the dissatisfaction of client, lack of competition

  5. All matters are handled by hand such as company plan, record, plan, purchase of spare and supplies etc. these factors severely restrict the development of shipping technical management, for example, the efficient use of management expenses, the safety of ship, operation factor, the service life of ship, the professional ability of managerial handler and what is more, the dissatisfaction of client

  6. Zhejiang 8 amounting to tunnel engineering limited company is alley of well of bridge of road surface of channel of pilot a ship into a harbour of water and electricity of volume road tunnel, railroad channel, irrigation works, roadbed, mine, large cubic metro of earth and stone blow up the professional construction company that construction is an organic whole, have channel highway project to always contract two class aptitude

  7. The ship management industry developed as internationalization of shipping, through the effective professional management that the management can make the weariness of ship to minimum, and ensures seafarer safety

  8. The organizing committee will send 50000 letters of invitation and 100000 tickets to national manufacturers, distributors, agents, high - grade purchasers, terminal users and scientific research institute, design institute and professional association, etc. in the relevant industrial fields of machinery, chemicals, electronics, electric appliance, metallurgy, forging, ship, communications, household appliance, building materials, auto, motorcar, plastics, packaging, medical treatment, mould, aviation and space flight, paper making, textile, environmental protection, water conservancy, electric power and agriculture, etc

    組委會將派發5萬份邀請函, 10萬張門票至全國機械、化工、電子、電器、冶金、鍛壓、船舶、通訊、家電、建材、汽車、摩托車、塑料、包裝、醫療、模具、航空航天、造紙、紡織、環保、水利、電力、農業等相關工業領域的製造商、經銷商、代理商、高級采購商、最終用戶以及科研院所、設計院、專業協會等。
  9. Among the navigation professional courses, " prevention of collisions and watchkeeping of ship " is one of the most important courses

    在航海類專業課程中, 《船舶避碰與值班》是最重要的專業課之一。
  10. I n view of our company consist of professional employees with ship techniques background, we are here welcome all works entrust us that we will provide the professional knowledge and the highest - quality service to all customers

  11. Zhejiang waihua ship making co., ltd is a leading professional, large factory for ship making and reparing in wenzhou

  12. Sitailong company found in 2003, has becomed a influential professional company and comprehensive service provider in offshore oil and gas field and ship - building field