pull button 中文意思是什麼

pull button 解釋
  • pull : vt 1 拉,拖,牽,曳 (opp push); 勒(馬)。2 拽住;扯破,扯開。3 拔去(雞等的)毛;拔(牙齒、瓶...
  • button : n 1 扣子;鈕扣。2 撳扣,電鈕,按鈕(開關);(槳的)插扣。3 節,小球,(把手的)圓頂;(劍把上的...
  1. Pull out the air pump handle and pump it repeatedly until the vacuum indicator button goes completely down

  2. Put the white ball in the trigger. pull the trigger backwards and aim it at the red ball. press the button to release the white ball

  3. Control on the stage most the left side 2s to pull the pole draw down, again most the right side 2s pull a pole to press, pressing the red button after, getting white glasses

  4. The result, two years of r & d on, is a launch collection of six styles, each made from japanese steel, each with patent - pending and each dispensing with anything extraneous to focus on assorted new mechanisms : a flat bar with sections that open out to keep it in place once passed through the button - holes ; an s - bend that swivels to lock into a square shape ; and, most radically, a cufflink with a twist mechanism that, rather than pull the two ends of a shirt - cuff together, creates a space between them, making room for an outsized watch

  5. Pull and hold the trigger in the full throttle position then press & release the set up button one time

  6. Click the file format of the form in the pull - down menu and then click the search button. a list of public forms in that format will be displayed