purpose 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['pə:pəs]
purpose 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 目的,宗旨,意向。
2. 決意,意志,決心。
3. 用途,效果;意義。
4. (討論中的)論題。
vt. 及物動詞 想,企圖,打算(做);決心(做)。
I purpose coming [ to come ] next week. 我想下星期來。
be purposed 〈古語〉想…,打算…,決心。

  1. It was restaurant industry graven topic that that of that of from input / output angle said, how advance restaurant kernel ability to compete, with the purpose of advance business economic benefit, as soon as possible brought return, accelerating demonetization end, abaft experience know clearly near twenty year stodgy state look forward to reform mechanism, our state hotel industry be around by babyhood trend maturity, by seller ' s market trend buyer ' s market, such transit should make part rational consumer enjoy to good value for money, too brought ought to part superficial restaurant taste to inevitable ; the government owned restaurant at multinational restaurant bloc and civilian battalion restaurant enterprise " dual impact down, calendar by know clearly reform of monetary system cum bank commercialization, market open cum solution control, market cum competitive mechanism three phase, owing to planned economy belated issues, structure irrationality wrought a matter of and overlapping investment wrought a matter of wait threefold cause, make government owned restaurant at market competition middle gradualness forfeiture competitive edge, in progression appearance hot water, how advance government owned hotel competitive power a matter of, toward me state tourism possess strong operation significance, hunan lotus hotel namely same family pole tool on government owned three stars level hotel behalf of the for the last years, by way of hotel industry occupy quite specific gravity

  2. So you see, my dear, you ' ve abased yourself to no purpose

  3. The hertzsprung - russell diagram serves this purpose. it is a plot of absolute magnitude against surface temperature i. e., spectral type of stars

  4. The purpose of the theory is to account for these experimental findings.

  5. Specification for general purpose acme screw threads

  6. An experimental apparatus is specially designed and amounted for the purpose of comparing the characteristics of cycles of lhr, acr _ i, acr _ r

    本文還自行設計、安裝和調試成功能分別用於lhr 、 acr工和acrr循環的實d驗裝置。
  7. We must adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose.

  8. The main purpose of the advert is to catch people ' s attention

  9. So a separate rotating aerial is used for that purpose.

  10. It was less a plea for immediate action than for an affirmation of purpose.

  11. It is mainly a faith or ideology with which some actor ( an individual, a group or a nation ), for the purpose of realizing some political, economic, cultural interests suppressed, driven by hatred and retaliative motivation, takes by specific and secret individual or small group unconventional extreme measures which are abrupt and unpredictable, and utilizes every means which is as harmful as possible to the opposite, and often violent enough to endanger the innocent or to massacre with malice aforethought the innocent and lead to huge social panic, to attack the opposite

  12. Such complexes might have affinity for detrimental inorganic oxyanions such as arsenate, a common toxic contaminant in soils. the purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of environmental conditions on the adsorption of arsenate on fe - oxyhydroxide - monlmorillonte complexes, which is significant to agrology, geochemistry and environmental science

    本研究即以南方的土壤環境條件為參考,模擬在ph = 5時的酸性氧化條件下,土壤中低聚合羥基鐵?蒙脫石復合體的形成、物化性特徵及其吸附砷酸根陰離子的行為。
  13. For civil purpose. the biggest advantage of the flying air boat is that it can anything that a plane can do but at the cost roughly of one tenth, the time of staying in the air is very long ranging from 24hr. - 72hr.,

    飛艇最大的優點是凡是飛機能做的事飛艇幾乎全能做,但飛行成本比飛機便宜十幾倍,留空時間長,一般飛艇空中飛行時間可達24小時- 72小時,以上這些均是大型飛艇。
  14. It is an air hole. we had to come up with several air holes for circulation purpose

  15. For the purpose of saving running time of iterations, this paper apply adaptive method to aitken extrapolation algorithm and eigenvalues - based algorithm respectively. experimental results elementarily show that these two new algorithms can speed up the performance of iterations

  16. All the banking groups have a similar aim to be the all-purpose bank for their private and corporate customers.

  17. She had been told that, rough and brutal as they seemed just then, they were not like this all the year round, but were, in fact, quite civil persons save during certain weeks of autumn and winter, when, like the inhabitants of the malay peninsula, they ran amuck, and made it their purpose to destroy life - in this case harmless feathered creatures, brought into being by artificial means solely to gratify these propensities - at once so unmannerly and so unchivalrous towards their weaker fellows in nature s teeming family

  18. The purpose of this study was to test the reliability of measurement of metablic organic acid of anaerobic bacteria by gas chromatography for the identification of anaerobes

  19. Analog computers are general-purpose devices which employ laws of physics for performing mathematical operations.

  20. Purpose of adult primary education depends on eliminate illiteracy and popularize primary obligation to teach photograph union, be analphabetic or level of semiliterate, culture is inferior in be aimed at an adult grow up and set