radial deviation 中文意思是什麼

radial deviation 解釋
  • radial : adj 1 光線的;光線狀的。2 放射的,輻射(狀)的。3 鐳的。4 【數學】半徑的;【物理學】徑向的;【解...
  • deviation : n 1 脫離,越軌,背離 (from) 。2 偏向,偏差。3 (統計上的)誤差。4 【航海】(故意)偏航。5 【數...
  1. The analysis for endotoxin concentration in the radial artery was the deviation related to presurgery measure, and in the pv the deviation related to preclamping ( pc ) measure

  2. This paper uses methods of mathematical statistics to quantitatively measure the concentration and dispersion degree of spatial pattern and evaluate the convenience degree of spatial connection of wuhan in deviation ratio, compactness ratio, dispersion ratio, radial shape index and transportation distance

  3. ( 1 ) in view of practice that the data obtained from accelerometer has serious zero deviation, it is very difficult to diagnosis fault by hardware redundant. a fault diagnosis scheme for multi - accelerometers employing predictor based on radial basis function ( rbf ) neural network is proposed

    論文的主要創新成果有: ( 1 )在擺式列車實際運行中,檢測子系統的加速度傳感器存在嚴重零偏,使用硬體冗餘法進行故障診斷的設計初衷面臨著巨大的困難。
  4. Here, three methods are presented : shortening compensation, extending compensation and insertion compensation. this thesis also puts forward an improved dda arc interpolation algorithm, which decreases the radial deviation of the traditional algorithm without losing the original advantages