recommended business 中文意思是什麼

recommended business 解釋
  • recommended : 被推薦的;被介紹的
  • business : n 1 事務,業務;事,事業,行業,工作。2 實業;商業,營業,買賣,交易;營業額,交易量;商情。3 商...
  1. Businessmen holding hksar passports will be allowed 30 - day visa on arrival at airports in islamabad, karachi, lahore, quetta and peshawar on production of either a recommendatory letter from a local chamber of commerce and industry, an invitation letter from business organisation duly recommended by the concerned trade organisation association in pakistan or a recommendatory letter by the investor consular of the board of investment posted at pakistan missions abroad

  2. However, if you want to host your company s internet web site on your server that is running windows sbs, it is recommended that you see " hosting your business card web site on windows small business server 2003 " on the

    不過,如果您想要在執行windows sbs的伺服器上主控貴公司的網際網路網站,則建議您參閱
  3. Please be sure that someone will be available to accept your shipment at the shipping address the next business day. open the package immediately and store the medicines as recommended

  4. Seeing me worrying about money on top of my grueling training and competition regimen, a business - graduate friend recommended i put together a competition proposal and use it to seek financial support from businesses and the government

  5. However, financial analysis indicated that the dcs construction is capital - intensive and the business is not risk free. therefore, some incentive measures, including land use arrangement, were recommended to improve the business viability

  6. Over the past year, the committee has recommended that the industry improve business practices by enhancing the transparency of charges on foreign currency credit card transactions, strengthening ais debt collection practices, enabling guarantors to have a choice of limited or unlimited guarantee, and improving standards of advertising tactics adopted by institutions

  7. A " build - operate - transfer " business model operated by the private sector with a 30 - year contract period was recommended as the most suitable approach for providing the dcs service in south east kowloon development

  8. Ft chinese is a leading non - english business magazine. in the recommended content, you can read reports, reviews, or news about the hottest issues happened in the business world

  9. It is not recommended for high traffic or for real business

  10. Fc approved the proposed changes to the sme business installations and equipment loan guarantee scheme, sme training fund and sme export marketing fund as recommended by smec

  11. Vaccination is not recommended for travellers making short - term business or holiday trips in areas of heightened meningococcal activity if they will have little contact with or exposure to local population in crowded conditions

  12. Uml is a standard modeling language recommended by the omg ( object management group ), and rup is a process and method guidance of software development recommended by the three fouders of uml, with the characters of use case driven ^ architecture centered ^ iterative and incremental development. a new mis system modeling frame model is discussed in the paper which is called wfiro model, based on the rup modeling process model and the cim - osa analysis mothed of the aspect. the mis system modeling technology mentioned above is just based on the wfiro model, and it is further discussed in the two aspects of the wfiro model : business analysis and system model mapping dynamically

    在具體建模時,我們借鑒了rational公司提出的rup ( rational統一軟體過程)框架模型,結合基於cim - osa建模體系構架的功能、過程、組織、信息、資源等五個組織領域業務分析視角,提出了基於uml的動態建模體系框架模型? ? wfiro模型,並且圍繞著wfiro模型的領域和層次兩個維度展開討論,提出了基於wfiro模型的mis系統建模機制與方法。
  13. Please note that the citation method employed throughout this example is the harvard / apa style, which is recommended for subjects in the areas of business / management

  14. According to the current situation, it is recommended to use 1 easy2fax server with 8 fax ports. each fax port can be programmed to send fax, or to receive fax, as well as bi - directional operation. the system can easily be expand according to business situation

  15. Use case functional modeling i. e. to specify the use cases for the recommended solution for the above modeled business process

    用例(功能)建模(例如,為上面建模后的業務流程指定所推薦方案的用例) 。