regulating works 中文意思是什麼

regulating works 解釋
  1. Gps - rtk submarine landform survey technology using in mushanhu regulating works

  2. Its aims are : collect masterpieces of famous artists in the present - day china, and through exhibitions and displays, link up the outstanding contemporary chinese artists, as well as collectors and connoisseurs around the world who love contemporary chinese arts ; be dedicated to collecting, sorting and regulating the works of contemporary chinese artists ; and act as a broker to recommend excellent young and middle - aged artists

  3. According to the abrasion of brake shoe, an abrasion indicator is designed which works based on the auto - interruption regulating arm

  4. The main works are organized as follows : a nine - order dynamic model is established for a single - machine infinite bus system with parallel ac / dc transmission lines, in which the dynamic regulating process of the generator, excitation controller and hvdc are considered comprehensively

  5. To mitigate the impact of occasional changes to the train schedule due to railway works, kcrc undertook to implement a number of measures, such as deploying extra staff during peak hours to speed up boarding and alighting, and regulating trains flexibly to maintain an even headway as much as possible

  6. A large number of scientists have made a lot of carefully and thoroughly studying works and obtained many important results for widening absorbing ability of soil water, regulating suitability of roots to water stress, exploiting productive potential of dryland in the last several decades