sabah 中文意思是什麼

sabah 解釋
n. 名詞 沙巴〈馬來西亞州名〉。

  1. Williams said conservationists previously only had population " guesstimates " of about 30 to 70 rhinos in borneo, all of them in sabah, and that sightings were usually scattered and of single animals

  2. At a ceremony held in kuwait city yesterday, interna - tional olympic committee ( ioc ) president jacques rogge handed over a daimlerchrysler minivan destined for the iraqi national olympic committee to the president of the olympic council of asia ( oca ), sheikh ahmad al - fahad al - sabah

  3. The trade - off problems arising from ecosystem modification is ubiquitous in sabah - absolutely polluted rivers, beautiful oxbow lakes eaten away by invasive alien freshwater hyacinths or salvinia molesta from south america and their resultant death through triplication, sedimentary blooms encroaching mangroves, coastal fishing grounds, unprecedented long and deeper flooding in the major river basins. take the ecosystem services away, mankind is as well dead. for instance, nutrient formation needed by man, water cycling, soil formation and soil retention, pollination of plants, resistance to invasive species, regulating climate and pests as well as pollution control by ecosystems are some of the critical ecosystem services

    其實,沙巴最迷人的度假特色,還是周遭豐富繽紛的海底生態資源,馬來西亞7座海洋公園,就有4個位在沙巴沿海區域,包括亞庇西北165海裡外的拉央拉央島layang - layang沙巴東南處的馬寶島mabul和卡巴賴島kapalai沙巴和汶萊灣岸外以北的納閩labuan ,以及亞庇海外由5座小島構成的東姑阿都拉曼國家公園tunku abdul rahman park islands 。
  4. I come back from the group trip of sabah with my friends

  5. One day, when sabah least expects it, she falls in love with the wrong man

  6. Sabah state museum

  7. Muhammad al - sabah

  8. So, that s good foreign press when sabah deserved it - support for well doing

  9. Contrary to exaggerated reports, foreign media had given sabah credit where credit was due

  10. They were members of a tour which travelled to sabah, malaysia from march 24 to 28

  11. Peter and sabah have really been on the same wavelength lately - - they agree about almost everything

  12. New subspecies of elephants discovered in borneo sabah wildlife department and wwf s tests indicates pygmy elephants to be new subspecies

  13. In this valley were magnificent gardens planted by hassen - ben - sabah, and in these gardens isolated pavilions

  14. Its current branches and service centres are located in the klang valley, butterworth, ipoh, seremban, malacca, batu pahat, johor baru, kuantan and sabah

  15. So, we believe making a fresh start in environmental conservation is more fruitful for sabah. there is an ocean of environmental work to do in sabah

  16. Lee hom was on a promotional tour to penang, malacca, the klang valley, sabah and sarawak recently to promote his latest album, heroes of earth

    力宏增進旅遊到過檳榔嶼、馬六甲海峽、巴生谷、沙巴和沙撈越宣傳最新專輯《蓋世英雄》 。
  17. One species in ceylon and one from philippines to new guinea. not much imported, and about one dozen mixed in one vessl from new guinea, tawau in sabah and hill areas in sarawak

  18. Wwf said in a separate statement that scattered individual rhinos were surviving in other parts of sabah in addition to the 13

  19. A study completed in september of orangutans and other animals along the kinabatangan river, in central sabah province, said the apes could face extinction in less than 50 years unless immediate conservation was undertaken

  20. As a state committed to the sabah strategic development agenda halatuju where tourism is deemed a main driver together with manufacturing and agriculture, any more furor of such intensity will probably eat into our credibility and image in the tourism product market, and perhaps confidence in the investment side