sabin 中文意思是什麼

sabin 解釋
n. 名詞 薩寶〈姓氏〉。
n. 名詞 【聲】沙平,賽寶〈聲吸收單位〉。

  1. The reconstruction algorithm of piecewise smooth surface based on doo sabin subdivision

  2. My thanks to miles sabin for pointing me at the proc filesystem to resolve problems with chroot ing java on multiprocessor systems

    我要感謝miles sabin向我指出了/ proc文件系統,來解決在多處理器系統上chroot java的問題。
  3. Sabin believed that live vaccines, which can replicate somewhat but are too weak to trigger disease, best mimic the protection acquired through natural infection

  4. 15 doo d, sabin m. analysis of the behavior of recursive division surfaces near extraordinary points. computer aided design, 1978, 10 : 356 - 360. 16 zorin d, schr " oder p. subdivision for modeling and animation

  5. Although different approaches to vaccines have been considered ? human versus animal strains, live versus killed viruses, whole virus or protein subunits ? rotavirus researchers followed the lead of albert sabin, creator of the oral poliomyelitis vaccine

  6. Some typical schemes are implemented via this data structure ( loop subdivision, catmull - clark subdivision, do - sabin subdivision, hybrid subdivision, adaptive subdivision ). the technique of opengl is utilized to accomplish some basic operations, such as rotation, zoom, pan, pick and so on. finally the algorithms studied by our research group are integrated, and a prototype system based on subdivision surface is developed

    ( 4 )改進了適合於曲面細分的的翼邊數據結構,並實現了典型的細分演算法( loop細分、 catmullclark細分、 doo - sabin細分、混合細分、自適應細分) ;採用opengl技術實現了旋轉、縮放、平移、拾取等圖形的基本幾何操作;最後將本課題組研究成果加以集成,開發了一個基於細分曲面的原型系統。