scan image 中文意思是什麼

scan image 解釋
  • scan : vt ( nn )1 細看,細察;審視。2 〈口語〉大略一閱;瀏覽。3 按韻節念,按句調讀,標出(詩)的格律(...
  • image : n 1 像,肖像,畫像;偶像。2 影像,圖像。3 相像的人(或物);翻版。4 形像,典型。5 形像化的描繪。6...
  1. Image 3 : coronal scan showing large dilated bowel protruding outside the abdominal cavity with debris inside

    圖3 :冠狀面掃查顯示巨大的擴張的腸管突出到腹腔外,其內可見碎屑回聲。
  2. Detection : carbon - sulfur analyzer, oxygen analyzer, glazing machine, rockwell ( vickers ) hardometer, profile projector, surfagauge, scan electron microscope, laser conductometer, magna - check, universal measuring instrument, metallograph and image analysis system, abrasion tester, universal test machine and other advanced analysis and detection equipment and instruments

  3. The biochip scan and analysis system scans and analyzes hybridizable signal quickly, parallelly and effectively. nowadays, the scanner and computer accomplish scanning and image processing of biochip separately, which leads to complex structure, inconvenient operation, large size, high price and unpopularity

  4. Using coordinate transformation method, the formula of imv on every point of image plane was deduced, and it included almost all motorial factors : the flight velocity of aircraft, roll, pitch, yaw, camera ' s scan and so on. thus, it is a precise formula, and it is also applied to frame cameras and push _ room cameras with array ccd

  5. The whole frame used in this paper is that, first, by using video card, we get a series of b - scan images, then delete the noise in this images. secondly, draw the outline of interesting object in each image by manual, through clicking mouse on screen. thirdly, reconstruct 3d - image using 2d contour

  6. In this paper, we study this aspects of ultrasonics, b - scan imaging, image collecting, digital image processing, and establish the whole frame of image processing. we first use matlab to simulate for its feasibility, then write programme and debug it

    本文對超聲波原理、 b超成像原理、圖像採集技術、數字圖像處理技術、三維可視化技術等進行了較為全面的研究,確定了圖像處理的總體方案,首先用matlab對要採用方法進行模擬以驗證可行性,然後進行軟體編制和調試。
  7. Special features for copying inputting originals auto paper select, auto scaling select, vertical horizontal independent anemographic magnification, final scale adjustment, copy density adjustment 7 degrees, scan start position adjustment, and copy position adjustment, top bottom bottom margin setting, mirror image, trimming, negative positive inversion, header, reference input, rotate image, sharpness, contrast, additional copy, scanning speed change

  8. In scanning, the technique of using more than one vertical scan to reproduce a complete image. in television, 2 : 1 interlace is used, giving two vertical scans ( fields ) per frame ; one field scans odd lines, and one field scans the even lines of the frame

    利用多次垂直掃描來重顯一幅完整圖象的掃描技術。電視中使用2 : 1的交錯率,即每幀分兩場,垂直掃描兩次,一場掃描奇數行,另一場掃描偶數行。
  9. First, resistance to geometrical distortion was obtained by using moment normalization ; second, we focus on the phase of fourier - mellin transform. before detecting watermark, synchronization could be retrieved by using the phase information. to eliminate the influence of pixel value distortion generated during print / scan process, a dft - based robust watermark algorithm was designed, which could successfully detect watermark from a severe distorted image

  10. Now, while printing guarantee slips for clients, staff first scan the original client insurance applications into the image system of the machine, and extract them to the printing servers, so that they can be printed together with formal invoices, company seals, customer - built covers, and pre - designed insurance items. the printed documents are bound into brochures to be handed to clients

  11. In scanning, the technique of using more than one vertical scan to reproduce a complete image

  12. And based on these theories and methods, an image retrieval by region units is presented. first, when scan image orderly, continuously incorporate neighbor similar pixels in color and get several region units. then, write the values of color, shape, and position into database

  13. With the rapid development of information technology, all kinds of portable electronic products and personal digital assistants are coming forth, the information source of these products partly roots in newspapers and journals, if the literal data could be acquired in optical scan mode instead of traditional keyboard input mode, human hands will be further liberated. on the other hand, the digital signal processor ( dsp ) specially designed for high - speed digital signal processing is playing an important role in the digital field, and the dsp with high processing speed and excellent operation performance is particularly adapted to image processing and character recognition. in consequence of this status, making use of new technology, this thesis researches into miniature intelligent reading system based on dsp and then presents a system solution of it

    隨著信息化技術的飛速發展,各種便攜式電子產品和個人助理不斷涌現,這類產品的信息來源有很大一部分都是報紙、書刊等文字資料,如果以文字的光掃描輸入取代傳統鍵盤輸入將會進一步解放人的雙手;同時專門為高速數字信息處理而設計的數字信號處理器( dsp )也成為數字化領域的重要角色, dsp的高速度和良好的運算性能特別適合於圖像處理和文字識別。
  14. Its image reconstruction belongs to the image reconstruction under narrow fan - beam scan mode. after comparing different algorithms, this paper introduces convolution back projection algorithm for the parallel image reconstruction

  15. The narrow fan - beams are reset into parallel beam then the image reconstruction is conducted by parallel beam " convolution back projection algorithm, which combines the high scan efficiency with the convenience of image reconstruction. this paper analyses the parallelism in narrow fan - beam " convolution back projection algorithm, divides the task of image reconstruction into several subtasks, and discusses the parallelization of narrow fan - beam " decomposition and reset, parallel beam " convolution back projection, and image accumulation

  16. This article according to the acquirement of the system parameters such as : temperature sensitivity 、 angle resolution 、 image forming time etc to design the type and diameter of the antenna ; the receiver type, integral time, rf gain, lpf gain ; the mode of calibration ; the sample frequency and program of the daq ; the scanning time, scan type, etc

  17. How improving the capability of ict has become more and more an important task, for example, improving spatial resolution and density resolution, reducing scan time, enlarging the size of measure space, improving image quality, etc. moreover the question of the energy spectrum hardening and the photon scattering is one of important bottleneck to restrict the improvement of ict

  18. We use the correlation of data between the neighbor scan lines to get the overlay pixel number, and then remove the overlay data. the bilinear interpolation method is applied to assign the pixels with the overlap data. the result shows that the data overlay phenomenon is removed, image quality is improved, and pixel value has been enhanced

  19. We discuss the realization of distillation contour line from the scan image of the paper map and propose the multi - dimensional thresholding ( mdt ) to deal with the color image segmentation

  20. Scan to e - mail : sending of scan image data

    掃描到e - mail :發送掃描圖像數據