security holdings 中文意思是什麼

security holdings 解釋
  • security : n 1 安全(感);安穩;穩妥;平安。2 確實;確信;把握;可靠性;安心。3 【軍事】防禦物。4 保護;防...
  • holdings : (用於公司名稱中)控股公司
  1. Beijing boon edam entrance technology co., ltd. is the sole subsidiary company of royal boon edam group holdings b. v. in china, its product range covers all types of revolving doors including 2 wing, 3 wing, 4 wing automatic and manual doors, security doors etc. designed for various demands on building entrance specivications

  2. Mr xiang huaicheng, former minister of finance and the serving chairman of the national council for social security fund, will address the welcoming dinner on november 25, and top officials of the china insurance regulatory commission will give keynote address at the forum. hong kong speakers include mr paul chow, chief executive of the hong kong exchanges and clearing ltd and former chief executive of hsbc asset management hong kong limited ; mr au king - lun, chairman of the hong kong investment funds association ; mr brian yiu, chairman of the hong kong capital markets association ; mr david lui, vice chairman of the schroder investment management hong kong limited, and mr francis yuen, representative of the hong kong federation of insurers and chairman of the pacific century insurance holdings limited

  3. Nowadays the research on the performances of security investment funds in china is mainly concerned with two aspects. the one is the feasibility of the theoretical model of performances and the simple computation by means of indicator formulation, which can be used to compute certain performance indicators, such as average profit rate per week, p coefficient, johnson coefficient, sharp ratio, var, average profit rate per week / var and etc. the other one is the research on the degree to which funds holdings are concentrated and research on the tendency of industry selection in the portfolios of funds managers. every part of market is trying to connect the portfolios selection of funds managers with the mar ket focuses and development directions, hoping that it can lead to the conversion and maturity of the ideas of market investment

    目前,對于中國證券投資基金績效的研究與評估,基本上圍繞著兩個方面,即績效理論模型的可應用性探討或簡單的指標公式套算,計算某些績效指標,如平均周收益率,貝塔系數,詹森系數,特雷諾系數,夏普系數, var和平均周收益率var等幾項指標;和對基金持股集中度的研究,以及由此引伸的對基金經理的投資組合中的行業選擇傾向的研究,市場各方一直在試圖將基金經理的投資組合選擇與市場熱點和發展方向連接起來,並希望籍此引導市場投資理念的轉變與成熟。
  4. We need to emphasize, however, that we do not sell holdings just because they have appreciated or because we have held them for a long time. ( of wall street maxims the most foolish may be " you can ' t go broke taking a profit. " ) we are quite content to hold any security indefinitely, so long as the prospective return on equity capital of the underlying business is satisfactory, management is competent and honest, and the market does not overvalue the business

  5. Among the accused were giuliano tavaroli, a former security chief at ti, and his counterpart at pirelli, a tyre company that controls ti through a network of holdings