spherical illumination 中文意思是什麼

spherical illumination 解釋
  • spherical : adj 球的;球面的;球形的,圓的;天體的;天空的。 a spherical bush 【機械工程】球面襯。 a spherica...
  • illumination : n. 1. 照明,光照;照(明)度;〈常用 pl. 〉 燈飾。2. 啟發,啟蒙。3. (手寫本的)彩飾。illuminative adj.
  1. Such as, the amplifying effect on the field of divergent spherical wave, the condition of talbot effect to be observed, etc. based on the study of the law and method to generate structured illumination, which is derived from fresnel diffraction law, this thesis offers a structured illumination scheme that is applicable to 3d sensing system. also, computer simulation and 3d shape measurements of real objects are presented

  2. Sampling data for brdf is analyzed with spherical harmonics, and then the brdf surface could be rendered fast under environment illumination

  3. In this thesis, we propose a new spherical. harmonics based 3d texture model - illumination - dependent texture ( idt ). this texture model concentrates on presenting the 3d surface detail effects due to light movement, and ignores the effects caused by variation of viewing direction

  4. For consideration of principle of photometry and experimental research, with 2d gray image of typical surface ( spherical surface ) taken with digital camera, and by use of nonlinear least square optimizing method, the illumination parameters of four local illumination models, that are lambert, phong, torrance - sparrow and cook - torrance model, are determined. and with statistics analytical principle, regression analyses are made to compare the fitting precision of these illumination models under the current experiment condition. comparing torrance - sparrow model with others, an improved illumination model for measurement of surface is developed

    結合光度學原理,從實驗研究入手,通過用數字相機實際拍攝的典型曲面(球面)的二維灰度圖像,應用非線性最小二乘優化方法研究確定了現有的lambert 、 phong 、 torrance - sparrow和cook - torrance四種常用局部光照模型的光照參數,利用統計分析原理分析了這四種光照模型在當前實驗條件下對實際圖像灰度數據的擬合精度,並對擬合精度較高的torrance - sparrow光照模型加以完善和改進,發展出一種適合於曲面測量的改進光照模型。
  5. In this thesis, we propose a new technique - spherical radiance transport maps, for rendering dynamic scene under environment illumination. this method could render soft shadow and inter - reflection for multiple dynamic objects efficiently

  6. Theoretical analysis and results of computer simulation show that the proposed method is not only feasible but also simple comparing with classic method. secondly, in connection of hidden danger in security due to symmetric system, a novel encoding techniques is proposed with spherical wave illumination based on asymmetric system