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  • spot : SPOT =satellite positioning and tracking 人造衛星定位及跟蹤。n 1 斑點;污點;疵點,缺點。2 地點...
  • pressure : n 1 壓;按;擠;榨。2 【物理學】壓力,壓強;大氣壓力;電壓。3 精神壓力,政治[經濟、輿論等]壓力。4...
  1. In view of bearing capacity of the elastoplastic theory analysis, the author made a comparison between the achieved bearing capacity limit load pi / 4 of round base ( space problem ) and the limit load pi / 4 of bar groundwork foundation design ( plane problem ) from soil mechanics at home and abroad as well as foundation criterion, and explained why the value of formula in present design criterion from soil mechanics is inclined to be conservative. in the light of the author ' s many years experience of vibration test on the spot and the research work of relevant projects, the author worked over the dynamic pile testing of the bearing capacity of foundation and batholith, and gathered the parameter of dynamic analysis and testing. the author also talked over the difficult point of pile foundation design criteria in present batholith engineering world, i. e. the confirmation of batholith bearing capacity of pile end, from the following aspects : a ) confirmation of single axis counter - pressure strength of rock in house ; b ) f. e. m calculation of elastoplastic model ; c ) calculation of soil mechanics ; d ) deep well load test

    然後,對巖土工程領域至今尚未解決,甚至不為人注意的考慮地基變形的地基承載力問題進行了實用化的探討,提出了考慮地基變形的地基承載力上程計算方法;對基於彈塑性理論分析的地基承載力國內尚未見報道的空間問題得到了圓形基礎(空間問題)的承載力界限荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,並與國內外土力學專著及地基基礎設計規范中的條形基礎(平面問題)的界限荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,進行了對比,從而定量上解釋了目前設計規范引用土力學承載力公式值偏於保守的這一情況;根據本文作者多年從事現場地基工程振動試驗及相關課題的研究工作,本文以截頭錐模型模擬地基,對地基(巖基)承載力的動測法進行了研究,為各類地基(包括巖基) ,匯總了動力分析和檢測川的參數:針對日前巖土工程界應用樁基設計規范中的難點? ?樁端巖基承載力的確定問題,從巖石室內單軸抗壓強度確定、基於彈塑性模型的有限單元法計算、土力學計算及深斤載荷試驗四方面進行了深入討論;本文作者根據多年現場載荷試驗的工程實踐,對深井荷試驗裝置的核心部分? ?反力裝置,設計了側壁支撐反力加載系統,該加載系統具有實用、簡便、穩定及安個等優點。
  2. Franz had remained for nearly a quarter of an hour perfectly hidden by the shadow of the vast column at whose base he had found a resting - place, and from whence his eyes followed the motions of albert and his guides, who, holding torches in their hands, had emerged from a vomitarium at the opposite extremity of the colosseum, and then again disappeared down the steps conducting to the seats reserved for the vestal virgins, resembling, as they glided along, some restless shades following the flickering glare of so many ignes - fatui. all at once his ear caught a sound resembling that of a stone rolling down the staircase opposite the one by which he had himself ascended. there was nothing remarkable in the circumstance of a fragment of granite giving way and falling heavily below ; but it seemed to him that the substance that fell gave way beneath the pressure of a foot, and also that some one, who endeavored as much as possible to prevent his footsteps from being heard, was approaching the spot where he sat

  3. Lifting and lowering of the pringting arm of this machine is vertical, therefore, in case of half - tone printing, presence of screen wire and consistency of aberration are improved ; in case of spot printing, stability and uniformity of inking are enhanced ; fine adjustment and lock of the worktable is independent of each other, so positioning error caused by lock of the worktable can be controlled ; height and pressure of the printing blade and ink - returning blade can be stepless - regulated separately, which improver printing quality and service life of half - tone ; printing travel and half - tone fixing mechanism can be fast adjusted, which is suitable for printing area with different size

  4. Specific means is preexistence reaction spot is located inside chosen acupuncture point area, the handle that use a needle ( or match rod ) press pressure, its have the place of tenderness to be reaction dot namely, radish is stuck with adhesive plaster after disinfection child ( turnip seed ), after affixing fat acid bilges feeling can, choose 3 every time 5 point, pressure after sticking fat or the parent, daily proper motion is pressed press 3 4 times, change every week, or so ear undertakes alternately, such holding to that treat 1 3 months, what can control children is fat

    具體方法是先在選用的穴區內找出反應點,用針柄(或火柴棍)按壓,其有壓痛的部位即為反應點,消毒後用膠布粘萊菔子(蘿卜籽)一粒,貼上之後胖兒有酸脹感即可,每次選3 5個穴位,壓貼后胖兒或家長,每日自行按壓3 4次,每周換一次,左右耳交替進行,這樣堅持治療1 3個月,能夠控制兒童的肥胖。
  5. Based on the concrete engineering of the culvert under the embankment of the high - stacked soil in north second ring highway of guang zhou city, the paper researches the soil pressure distribution and change characteristic through on - the - spot arrangement of the test component

  6. The eddy current ring of pressure pipeline that is detected by spot probe is studied firstly in theory

  7. Design of processing device for the spot recovery of flange sealing - face on large - sized pressure vessels

  8. Circumstance condition on spot, such as circumstance temperature, corrosive state, vibration, dampness degree, etc. for example, shockproof pressure gauge used in vibrating circumstance condition

  9. But he says damage to the insula does seem to destroy unnecessary link in the smoking addition. the patients didn ' t lose all dependencies, they still had a normal desire for food, for example, this may suggest that the insula is more responsible for dependencies that come from a learned pressure like smoking, and the researchers say their discovery may point to a weak spot in the smoking addition

  10. This system has various kinds of sensors, such as pressure, temperature, electric current, voltage, controlling synthetically, etc. after a sensor does not work or takes off the line, other sensor of on - the - spot equipment will serve as the commander or the controller. so the system does not be influenced with for some sensor ' s trouble. this is the best advantage of control system based on fieldbus

    由原集散控制系統( dcs )升級為fcs系統,本文所討論的系統有壓力、溫度、電流、電壓、綜合控制等各種傳感器,當一個傳感器失靈或脫線后,其它有關傳感器會自動擔任指揮員或調度員,系統不會因為某一節點的故障而影響整個系統的運行,這是基於現場總線控制系統( fcs )的優勢。
  11. If you find a thick or sore point as you are doing the exercises or massaging, apply and hold pressure at that spot for 15 - 20 seconds to help relax the muscle or clear a spasm

    如果在練習時,發現一個比較厚實的點,或者是一個酸點,在那個點按壓15 - 20分鐘,可以起到放鬆肌肉和消除抽搐的作用。
  12. The plasma density scale length given by combination of ponder - motive force and thermal pressure is suitable for vh. considering the spatial intensity distribution in focal spot, the ra may give some contribution in some place

    X射線是各向同性的, x射線產額隨入射激光強度的降低而減小,當強度小於10 ~ ( 15 ) w cm ~ 2時,不再有硬x射線產生。
  13. The factors include ultrasonic wave frequence, condition temperature, ultrasonic converter instrinisic system error, hareware extended time, electricity noise and sonic noise in the spot, city power defmcient pressure and exceeded pressure, city power peak and pour. we adopt the following compensation schemes of error in the system. about ultrasonic wave frequence ' s effect to measurement precision, we can choose appropriate frequence according to the measured distance

    在空氣和液壓缸中影響測距精度的主要因素包括:超聲波的頻率、環境溫度、超聲換能器本身的系統誤差(即探頭固定誤差) 、硬體時間延遲、工作現場的電噪聲和聲噪聲、市電的過壓、介壓噪聲以及市電的尖峰和浪涌噪聲,在本系統中採取了以下幾種誤差的補償方案: ?對于超聲波的頻率對測量精度的影響,只能根據測距的距離選擇合適的超聲頻率。
  14. After analyzing the present situations of flowmeters, applications of single - chip computers in flow measurement meters, and the development trends of flowmeters, we ' ve designed an advanced intelligence vortex flowmeter, which can display the results on - the - spot ( includes instantaneous flow, total flow, temperature, pressure, and surplus capacity of the cell ), communicate with the upper computers through the serial port and realize automatic copying meters

    本論文通過對現有流量計及單片機在流量檢測儀表中的應用現狀的分析,結合流量計的發展趨勢,設計了一種先進的智能渦街流量計,它能現場顯示測試結果(包括瞬時流量、累計流量、溫度、壓力、電池剩餘容量) ,並且通過串口可與上位機通訊,實現自動抄表功能。
  15. On - the - spot repair technique for yielding support under pressure

  16. And draft the on - the - spot experiment through the indoor experiment, every parameter of the lead impeller nozzle such as efflux pressure, target distance, attack time parameter to hole influence is analyzed

  17. The paper also adopts elastic - plastic constitutive model and analyzes the soil pressure distribution and settlement performance with the aid of marc program, and contrasts with the test results on the spot, the research results have instructive function to the design and construction of the culvert

  18. The increasingly scarce energy, up oil price, environmental protection pressure and the energy security strategy, all force the various countries ' governments to vigorously promote the renewable energy, among which the application and the development of solar energy has been the hot spot of energy construction and investment

    進入21世紀,中國政府也開始出臺政策鼓勵發展利用太陽能, 《可再生能源法》從2006年1月1日起生效,政府宣布其目標是到2020年要使生產的清潔能源佔到能源產量的10 % ? ?大大高於目前的1 % 。