sterile working 中文意思是什麼

sterile working 解釋
  • sterile : adj 1 不毛的,不肥沃的,收成不好的。2 【動物;動物學】無生殖力的,不育的 (of)。3 【植物;植物學...
  • working : adj 1 工作的,從事勞動的。2 操作的,作業的。3 工人的。4 (用於)實際工作的,任事的;使用(中)的...
  1. This article introduces the production of edible fungi secondary spawn and culture spawn from preparation of substrate, medium sterilization, sterile working technique, cultural condition, cultural inspection and storage condition in detail

  2. Article 28 the working personnel ( including crew members ) and the articles brought along by them shall be subject to security inspection while entering the departure sterile area