up-and-down rod 中文意思是什麼

up-and-down rod 解釋
  • up : adv (superl uppermost )1 向[在]上,向[在]上面;向[在]被認為處于上方的地方或方面〈如河流的源頭,...
  • and : n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • down : adv (downmost)1 向下(面);下,降;在下(面)。 come down 下來;下(樓)來;(雨等)落下。 The...
  • rod : ROD =rewritable optical disc 【計算機】可重寫光盤〈其內存信息可由激光讀出並加以編輯的光盤〉。n 1...
  1. This revved - up off - road hot rod blasts apart on impact, but just snap down the hood and you ' re back in the race

  2. As soon as we reckoned everybody was asleep that night we went down the lightning - rod, and shut ourselves up in the lean - to, and got out our pile of fox - fire, and went to work

  3. When not needed for fingerprint recognition, the rod can be used to scroll pages up and down the screen

  4. The control rod assemblies are fitted with driving mechanism to move the control rods up and down in the reactor core for controlling the start up of the reactor, adjusting its power output, and enable the normal shutdown of the reactor and

  5. Transient experiment is introduced, whose research method is that absorber is moved down and up with different speed, power of fuel rod changes with different speed as well, so behavior of fuel rod will be studied. physics design is most important in transient experiment

  6. Then they tucked the old man into a beautiful room, which was the spare room, and in the night some time he got powerful thirsty and clumb out on to the porch - roof and slid down a stanchion and traded his new coat for a jug of forty - rod, and clumb back again and had a good old time ; and towards daylight he crawled out again, drunk as a fiddler, and rolled off the porch and broke his left arm in two places, and was most froze to death when somebody found him after sun - up

    然後他們把老頭兒送進一間陳設漂亮的房間,那是間空余的房間。有一次,到了晚上酒癮一發,他就爬到門廊頂上,抱住了一根柱子滑了下去,把他那件新的上衣換了一壺「四十桿子」 ,然後又爬回房間,乘興快活了一番。天快亮的時候,他又爬出來,這時已經爛醉如泥,沿著門廊滑下來,左胳膊兩處跌斷了,人家在太陽升起后發現他時,他都快凍死了。
  7. The massive walking - beam rose and fell above the deck ; at one end a piston - rod worked up and down ; and at the other was a connecting - rod which, in changing the rectilinear motion to a circular one, was directly connected with the shaft of the paddles

  8. Well, we ve been motoring all over the place looking for fish and all of a sudden we go down to the stern where all of our fishing rods are set up only to find a fishing rod with no line on it