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weiss 解釋
  1. Weiss kessel anlagen maschinenbau gmbh is well - known not only in dillenburg with silos of steel, vertical - tube radiant boilers and boiler plants as well as with long - distance heating plants, dust extracting installations and combustion chamber boiler, but also with further offers, like thermal oil, heat plants and / or mechanical boiler furnaces, air and dust extraction technology and steam boilers and steam generators

    Weiss kessel anlagen maschinenbau gmbh是一家生產不同尺寸燃燒室,除塵裝置,遠程供熱裝置,鍋爐設備,熱油,鋼板結構青貯塔,立管鍋爐,熱設備,蒸氣鍋爐和蒸氣機,機械燃燒鍋爐,空氣-除塵技術的企業。
  2. Jon van ness, william murray weiss, and henry gibson as big john coot

  3. Peter weiss in his play "marat/sade" portrays a turbulent world as seen through the eyes of the inmates of the charenton asylum.

  4. 13 rivlin e, weiss i. local invariants for recognition. ieee trans. pattern analysis and machine intelligence, 1995, 17 : 226 - 238

  5. Bloom hides the crubeen and trotter behind his back and, crestfallen, feels warm and cold feetmeat ja, ich weiss, papachi

  6. Century fox, mr friedemann beyer, ms gudrun weiss and mr jons fleischmann of f. w. murnau foundation, ms brigitte capitain of wiesbaden film institute and ms sabrina kovatsch of transit film who assist in securing the best available screening copies. this programme is organised when the mass media is dominated by war news and hong kong is experiencing unaccustomed turmoil caused by some infectious viruses

    本館非常感謝香港歌德學院的多方合作,特別是院長倪奕勤先生安吉露思小姐何淑賢小姐,還有協助搜羅和提供電影拷貝的柏林聯邦政府電影資料館美國霍士公司f . w .茂瑙基金會韋斯巴頓電影學院和燦薛電影公司。
  7. The enterprise weiss r maschinenbau gmbh is well - known and engaged not only in crailsheim, but also in the specialized industries of its sphere of activity, with individual components production systems, final packing, set - up and at the same time with erecting, manufacturing and packing machines a competent partner

  8. Between 1997 and 1998, mr. lin practiced in the law firm of lawson, weiss, danziger located at downtown houston. he is an associate attorney of mr. kristopher ahn, former assistant attorney for the city of houston, for three years, and in 2001 established stewart lin associates at our present address

    林律師先前曾為休士頓市中心的lawson , weiss and danziger律師事務所工作於二零零一年開創林志豪律師事務所后業務蒸蒸日上,於二零零二年與其好友包德士律師共組本所,是本所的主任律師
  9. Wolfsburg beat schalke on penalties after a 1 - 1 draw in extra time and hamburger sv advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time in 11 years when it beat third - division rot - weiss essen 3 - 0

    沃爾夫斯堡在90分鐘時間內與沙爾克04戰成1 : 1 ,最終通過殘酷的點球大戰擊敗對手晉級。漢堡則在3 : 0輕取德丙球隊紅白埃森之後11年來首次殺入八強。
  10. The bank vulnerability has been matter of concern in the works of economic historian and the institutional school. the classical economists such as marx, marshall, keynes mainly describe and analyze bank crisis from the angle of economic cycle, minsky and kindleberger introduces the behavior factor of microscopic main body into the analysis of bank vulnerability. the development of the game theory and the information economics lay a solid foundation for stiglitz and weiss ' s study about bank vulnerability

  11. Weiss and morales are being informed of this plan as we speak

  12. I was in contact with weiss and morales the whole time

  13. Weiss took out the valta with the grenade,

  14. Receive detailed information on capstan screws, high - quality steel screws and axles or on steel screws, bolts with the enterprise weiss thomas praezisionsdrehteile

    Weiss thomas praezisionsdrehteile是一家高級別的大型貿易商,提供多方面的、高質量的軸(線) 、 (汽車)橋、高爐爐身,優質鋼螺栓,頭部帶十字槽的螺栓,鋼螺栓。
  15. Sometimes there are some soup can on sale at weiss or giant ; pretty good and very cheap ; i usually mix one with my noodle ; sweet

    哎,慚愧慚愧啊,我這兒真是… …說起吃來我就頭疼,回家都累的不行了,還得做飯,所以一般時候就罐頭啊什麼的湊合了,周末有閑心了才做做。
  16. Two. weiss and morales. final offer. - just weiss and morales, promise

  17. - two. weiss and morales. final offer. - just weiss and morales, promise

  18. Psychiatrist brian weiss is perhaps the most exotic. he champions reincarnation therapy

  19. Preliminary test of the werry - weiss

  20. But at low temperatures it deviates from the curie - weiss behavior and saturates at even lower temperatures, which can be attributed to the effect of quantum fluctuation that stabilizes the paraelectric phase and suppresses the ferroelectric phase transition entirely