yak 中文意思是什麼

yak 解釋
n. 名詞 【動物;動物學】?牛。
vi. 不及物動詞 (yakked , yakking ) 〈擬聲〉〈美俚〉談個沒完沒了,閑扯。
n. 名詞 〈美俚〉1. 閑扯談。
2. 噱頭,哄堂大笑。

  1. Experiment of crossbreed and improvement gannan yak with wild yak

  2. Yak hairs were treated by the microwave electron cyclotron resonance plasma reactive ion etching ( ecr - rie ) equipment to improve its property of weave

    摘要採用微波電子迴旋共振等離子體反應離子刻蝕( ecr - rie )裝置對氂牛毛纖維進行表面改性,從而改善氂牛毛的可紡性。
  3. The proper time for the yak for sale and the spot demonstration of improved technology for hybridizing of the yak

  4. Observation of morphology of third - instar warble in yak by scanning electron microscopy

  5. Parallax stalks behind and goads them, the lancinating lightnings of whose brow are scorpions. elk and yak, the bulls of bashan and of babylon, mammoth and mastodon, they come trooping to the sunken sea, lacus mortis

    大角鹿與氂牛,巴珊238與巴比倫之公牛,猛獁象與柱牙象,均成群結隊湧向下陷之海死海239 。
  6. - some kind of a yak ? - no, that ' s a llama

    -是不是一種氂牛? -不,是羊駝
  7. Some kind of a yak ? - no, that ' s a llama

    是不是一種氂牛? -不,是羊駝
  8. I shouted at the yak, but he didn ' t move

  9. Molecular breeding and its application in yak breeding

  10. - some kind of a yak ? - no, that ' s a iiama

    -是不是一種氂牛? -不,是羊駝
  11. Some kind of a yak ? - no, that ' s a iiama

    是不是一種氂牛? -不,是羊駝
  12. I ' m nervous. i yak when i get nervous

  13. Of a powerful build, a wild yak may weigh more than 1, 000 kilogrammes with its whole body covered by long dark brown hair

  14. Professor walter willms, the pasture management expert with agriculture and agri - food canadas lethbridge research center, and professor zhao mengli, specialist in pasture zoology at the inner mongolian agriculture university, were invited to deliver this training. zebai, the dean and grassland management specialist of sichuan grassland science academy, li caiwang and bian zhigao, the grass planting and livestock breeding specialists, and luo guangrong and yang pinggui, yak feeding and breeding specialists, gave presentations on how to improve livestock production grazing management systems, how to evaluate pasture health and the grassland zoology systems, how to manage grazing on the natural grassland and co - manage the grassland and keep balance between the grass and herds

    此次培訓邀請了加拿大農業部韋斯布里奇研究院牧場管理專家walter willms教授和內蒙古農業大學牧場生態專家趙萌莉教授,四川省草原科學研究院院長草地管理專家澤柏,牧草種植育種專家李才旺卞志高,氂牛飼養育種專家羅光榮楊平貴,就提高牲畜生產的放牧管理制度,牧場健康和草地生態系統服務評估,天然草地放牧管理及草地共管和草畜平衡,冬春打貯草基地與免耕種草技術,氂牛適時出欄和氂牛雜交改良技術氂牛本品種選育等先進經驗模式進行了介紹。
  15. The influence of capability of yak hairs treated with different plasma was studied

  16. Measurement of level of reproductive hormone in female yak of plateau type in differ season

  17. Livestock production, especially the production of yak and sheep, is the primary, if not the only source of income for rural residents in the naqu area

  18. Immunological factors effecting conception pate of inter - species crossing of yak with cattle

  19. Based on the traditional technology, using natural plateau white yak meat as the raw material, we produced three different flavors of white yak ' s jerky

  20. Effect of the surface performance of yak hair treated by plasma