yam 中文意思是什麼

yam 解釋
n. 名詞 【植物;植物學】薯蕷屬植物;〈蘇格蘭語〉馬鈴薯;〈美南部〉甘薯。
Chinese [Japanese] yam 【植物;植物學】薯蕷,山藥。

  1. Double boiled abalone, conch & maw w yam & lycium chinense

  2. Aborigine - brewed millet liquor and yam liquor - cheap and tasty

  3. Mr. yam also noted adb s contribution to the region s financial development and monetary stability

  4. Prof. alison yuk yam lo assistant professor, dcrs

  5. The type raw materials are gadic, cushaw, giantarum, white turnip, yam, baboo shoot, capsicum, onion, apple etc

  6. Law kar also sets his eyes on a colourful figure, yam wu - fa

  7. Tai hang tung community centre, 17 tong yam street,

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  11. The type raw materials are garlic, cushaw, giantarum, white turnip, yam, bamboo shoot, capsicum, onion, apple, etc

  12. Dwt series dryer for vegetable dehydration os special equipment researched and developed on the basis of traditional net belt dryer, it has stronger pertinency, practicability and high efficirency of energy, it is whde used for all kinds of vegetables dehydration such as garlic, cushaw, giantarum, white turnip, yam, bamboo shoot, dtc at different region and season, our factory has more 50 of customers and more 80 of production line in cooperation. our factory is an enterprise with the richest experience to manufacture dryer for vegetables dehydration, the technicians of our factory

  13. Two important aboriginal foods are the fruit of the cycad palm, and a large nutritious yam

  14. The cycads provide an ample and reliable source of food from june until october, while the yam is available for an even longer period

  15. Dr stephen grenville, adjunct professor of national centre for development studies, australian national university, canberra and former deputy governor of reserve bank of australia right, is the discussant, and mr joseph yam, chief executive of the hong kong monetary authority centre, chairs the lecture

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  19. Not only did they capture the essence and ingenuity of this great artist, they also include some of her roles that were never realised on stage. it is fair to say that only the filmic media can present the performing arts of ms yam in its entirety

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