中文拼音 [kōnghuàdǒujièxiàn]
cavitation bucket chart

  • : 空Ⅰ形容詞(不包含什麼; 裏面沒有東西或沒有內容; 不切實際的) empty; hollow; void Ⅱ名詞1 (天空) s...
  • : 斗Ⅰ名詞1 (量糧食的器具) dou a measure for grain2 (形狀像斗的東西) an object shaped like a cup...
  • : 名詞1 (相交的地方; 劃分的界限) boundary 2 (一定的范圍) scope; extent 3 (按職業、工作或性別等...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(指定的范圍; 限度) limit; bounds Ⅱ動詞(指定范圍, 不許超過) set a limit; limit; restrict
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (繪畫表現出的形象; 圖畫) picture; chart; drawing; map 2 (計劃) plan; scheme; attempt 3...
  • 空化斗: cavitation bucket
  • 界限: 1 (分界) demarcation line; dividing line; limits; bounds; boundary; range; limitation 2 (限度...


  1. In view of bearing capacity of the elastoplastic theory analysis, the author made a comparison between the achieved bearing capacity limit load pi / 4 of round base ( space problem ) and the limit load pi / 4 of bar groundwork foundation design ( plane problem ) from soil mechanics at home and abroad as well as foundation criterion, and explained why the value of formula in present design criterion from soil mechanics is inclined to be conservative. in the light of the author ' s many years experience of vibration test on the spot and the research work of relevant projects, the author worked over the dynamic pile testing of the bearing capacity of foundation and batholith, and gathered the parameter of dynamic analysis and testing. the author also talked over the difficult point of pile foundation design criteria in present batholith engineering world, i. e. the confirmation of batholith bearing capacity of pile end, from the following aspects : a ) confirmation of single axis counter - pressure strength of rock in house ; b ) f. e. m calculation of elastoplastic model ; c ) calculation of soil mechanics ; d ) deep well load test

    然後,對巖土工程領域至今尚未解決,甚至不為人注意的考慮地基變形的地基承載力問題進行了實用的探討,提出了考慮地基變形的地基承載力上程計算方法;對基於彈塑性理論分析的地基承載力國內尚未見報道的間問題得到了圓形基礎(間問題)的承載力荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,並與國內外土力學專著及地基基礎設計規范中的條形基礎(平面問題)的荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,進行了對比,從而定量上解釋了目前設計規范引用土力學承載力公式值偏於保守的這一情況;根據本文作者多年從事現場地基工程振動試驗及相關課題的研究工作,本文以截頭錐模型模擬地基,對地基(巖基)承載力的動測法進行了研究,為各類地基(包括巖基) ,匯總了動力分析和檢測川的參數:針對日前巖土工程應用樁基設計規范中的難點? ?樁端巖基承載力的確定問題,從巖石室內單軸抗壓強度確定、基於彈塑性模型的有單元法計算、土力學計算及深斤載荷試驗四方面進行了深入討論;本文作者根據多年現場載荷試驗的工程實踐,對深井荷試驗裝置的核心部分? ?反力裝置,設計了側壁支撐反力加載系統,該加載系統具有實用、簡便、穩定及安個等優點。
  2. In my opinion, the strategy of pera ' s rhetoric of science aims to, through the rhetorical context, save and rebuild the rationality and achieve the inner unity of rational reason and rhetorical persuasion and breaks thoroughly the rigid bounds both between the logical demonstration and the argumentative persuasion and between the static norms and the dynamic exchange evaluation. at the same time, it also provides a way in which some dilemmas such as formal logical presuppositions and irrationalism can be solved, gives the specific strategically psychological direction and much broader room for language creation to bring a fresh motive power for the development of contemporary philosophy of science

  3. This article tries to exhibit the dilemmas a local impressive airlines - china southern airlines encounters and how it selects a creating strategy in the hard environment in which global airlines acquiring, airlines cooperation, entering wto of china, airlines has been adjusting and reforming strategically, for adapting to the international customs and practice at the beginning of new century. the part of the case description introduces global airline history of development and selecting strategy from constricted to free constricted

    本案例試展現在新世紀之初全球航業兼并重組,建立全球航聯盟,我國加入了wto ,中國經濟融入全球的步伐加快,與國際接軌,國內航業正在深體制改革,航公司面臨戰略性調整和改組的大背景下,一個在國內航市場具有影響地位的航公司? ?中國南方航股份有公司面臨的戰略創新和抉擇。
  4. The two distinct limits - regional and political power - correspond to each other and overlap, thus, the regional politics with chinese characteristics comes into being, the formation of which is governed and influenced by both the traditional chinese politics and culture and its modern western counterpart

  5. Design of graphical interfaces, design of menus, design of dialog boxes and design of plotting program is investigated. then visualized interface and visualized system of disposing data is appended for " nonlinear finite element ultimate analysis of reinforced concrete thin slabs with complex geometry & boundary condition " finally, according to the research, some feasible advice is put forward for engineering design

    面的設計、菜單的設計、對話框設計、繪程序的設計等進行了探索,為「復雜幾何形狀和邊條件鋼筋混凝土薄板非線性有元極分析程序」 ,添加了可視面和數據前後處理的可視系統。