中文拼音 [zhēnkǒngpèijiàn]
downhole equipment

  • : 鉆Ⅰ名詞1. (打眼用的工具) drill; auger 2. (指鉆石) diamond; jewel Ⅱ動詞(用尖物在另一物體上轉動) drill; bore
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (兩性結合) join in marriage 2 (使動物交配) mate (animals) 3 (按適當的標準或比例加以...
  • : Ⅰ量詞(用於個體事物) piece; article; item Ⅱ名詞1. (指可以一一計算的事物) 2. (文件) letter; correspondence; paper; document
  • 配件: 1 (裝配機器的零件或部件) fittings of a machine; parts; fitting; accessory; ancillary; duplicate...


  1. This study is a post - cruise study of this leg, calcareous nannofossil samples from sites 1146, 1147 and 1148 of leg 184 were analyzed to provide a high - resolution biostratigraphy for this leg and to investigate morphological variation of coccolith genus gephyrocapsa. the main results of this study are : 1. 12 late pliocene to pleistocene bio - events were recognized and 6 zones of martini ( 1971 ) were determined for the upper sediment sequences of sites 1146 and 1148

    本文作為大洋探項目船下后續研究的一部分,對184航次中的1146站位和1147 、 1148站位的樣品進行了分析和研究,在船上科學家已經建立起的地層框架的基礎上進一步加密采樣,對生物事標志化石類別進行數量統計,進一步確定了12個生物事中的深度,建立起了兩個站位的高解析度的鈣質超微化石生物地層框架。
  2. Compared with the mud on wall form hole technology, clash stake technology or vibration sink pipe technology used in complex foundation stake forming, it has advantages of no vibration, no pollution, and no noise. in addition, since the concrete pressed into the drill stem sent vibration free concrete to the pump, so it is eas y to ensure the quality of the stake body. compared with the mud on wall and dry work form hole technology, the side obstruction and end obstruction of screw drill press concrete stake have all been accordingly improved, the weight bearing is better, and the transmutation of the complex foundation is less

  3. Then the article analyses the effecting elements about the economic result of blasting and puts forward some improving measures, and summarizes optimizing model on economic result of blasting both internal and overseas bearing upon. the theory is based on the blasting cost model, which proposed by dr. zhong hanrong. combining with the specialties of water and electricity engineering, starting off through blasting result, it emphasizing considers drilling cost, deep hole bench blasting cost, reblasting cost, and the cost of bottom fleet hole blasting that in mixed loading emulsion explosive blasting

  4. Measures to locate reference points, and drills and taps holes as needed to mount assemblies, components and parts, using hard tools and power tools

  5. In this paper, on the foundation of synthesizing engineering practice and study result of planted bar technique by chemistry glue on the domestic and international, embedded experiment study and theories analysis are done about bonded anchor behavior of chemistry planted bar anchorage behavior in this paper, the experimental results of 32 pulling resistance test ( meiya z3530 ) are given, considering some factors to affect bonded anchor behavior of chemistry planted bar such as the strength of concrete anchorage lengths diameter of steel bar and holes thickness of the protecting layer confecting circumstance of the hoop bar and quantity of construction especially which is very easy to be neglected and so on, and bonded anchor mechanism failure mode load carrying capacity and slide behavior are analyzed in - depth

    本文在綜合國內外化學膠植筋技術的工程實踐和研究成果的基礎上,對化學植筋的粘結錨固性能作了較深入的試驗研究和理論分析。文中通過32個化學膠(美亞z3530 )植筋試的拉拔試驗研究,考慮混凝土強度、錨固長度、鋼筋植筋、徑、保護層厚度、箍筋製情況及施工質量等因素對植筋粘結性能的影響,特別是植筋的施工質量對粘結性能的影響是比較容易被忽視的因素,對化學植筋的粘結錨固機理、破壞形態、承載力及滑移性能作了比較深入的剖析。