account transfer by cable中文意思是什麼

account transfer by cable解釋

  • account: n 1 計算;賬;賬目;賬戶;計算書,賬單;報告書,報表。2 說明,解釋;記事,故事。3 理由,原因。4 ...
  • transfer: n 1 移轉,轉送;調職;調任[轉學]證書;變換。2 (財產;權利等的)轉讓,讓與(證書),移轉,授受;...
  • by: adv 1 在側,在旁,在附近。2 (擱)在一邊,(放)到旁邊,(存)在一旁;收著。3 (由旁邊)經過,過...
  • cable: n 凱布爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻三根三股索;粗索,巨纜;鋼絲繩...

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  1. Combined heat and mass transfer by natural convection which is caused by heat and mass diffusion can be seen in nature and some processes of industry, such as evaporation and desiccation. these processes relate to aeronautics, hydraulics, mechanics, chemical engineering, oceanography and aerography

  2. Meridional heat transfer by large-scale eddies is most significant in the upper troposphere of middle latitude.

  3. Keep a trust account controlled by the partner of another lawyer

  4. Telegraphic transfer ( t / t ) : at the request of the buyer, the local bank sends a trust deed for payment by cable directly to a correspondent bank at the seller ' s end and entrusts him to pay money to the seller

  5. I was slightly worried about their service because of the scale of the company and the immediate requirement of sending the money by bank account transfer