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  1. In the early december, the first bract primordium was formed in the axil scale at the cone base, then bract initiation had occurred in acropetal direction

  2. The city of primordium was founded before any of the great cities of myth or history

  3. At one o ' clock in the morning, a mile outside the west gate of primordium, he sat on a stone and he waited

  4. Believing this to be the case many members of the senate left primordium hurriedly, in case they were next on the emperor ' s hit list

  5. 7 - 10 days " seedlings after the seeds germinated, the meristem in the stem apex functioned to form true leaf primordium, meanwhile, the vessel elements which differentiated from parenchymatous cells of the middle and upper portion of the cnz connected with the vessel elements from procambium of epcotyl - shoot region

    種子萌發7 - 10天,幼苗的莖端分生組織活動形成真葉雛形,此時由子葉節區中、上部薄壁細胞的轉分化形成的導管分子與上胚軸-苗區原形層形成的導管分子發生連接。