adverse atmospheric condition中文意思是什麼

adverse atmospheric condition解釋

  • adverse: adj 1 逆的L反對的,相反的。2 不利的,有害的,不幸的。3 對面的。4 【植物;植物學】對生的。adv ly ...
  • atmospheric: adj. 1. 大氣(中)的。2. 大氣所致的。3. 空氣的。4. 氣壓的。5. 有…氣氛的。adj. -ical ,-ically adv. 在大氣影響下,氣壓上。
  • condition: n 1 狀態,狀況,情形;品質。2 〈pl 〉外界狀況,周圍情形。3 地位,身分。4 條件;【語法】條件子句。...

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  1. Other atmospheric pollutants such as oxidants and sulfur oxides may produce adverse cardiovascular effects, but the evidence is limited.

  2. Deep and sub fissures were advantageous fields for ascending and assembling of the ore - forming thermal fluid. in addition, gritstone and mudstone provided the condition for the atmospheric water ' s descending

  3. The military qualified cots thermovision 2000 is designed with robust components in a field hardened enclosure, allowing it to readily withstand virtually any atmospheric or environmental condition

    Thermovision 2000將耐用的組件封裝在堅固的外殼內。使系統能夠在任何惡劣的天氣和環境下工作。
  4. Influence of the adverse condition of shading - nets on yield and quality of flue - cured tobacco

  5. Under our task experimental condition, we calculated the sensitivity of our planning to develop dial system with direct detection, besides, we studied the relationship between the sensitivity of measurement and atmospheric refractive - index structure constant and applied matlab program simulated the system parameters such as beam diameter, laser divergence angle, detection distance and gained relevant relationship curves