afflux of stimulus中文意思是什麼

afflux of stimulus解釋

  • afflux: n. 1. 流入,匯集。2. 充血。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • stimulus: n. (pl. -li )1. 刺激。2. 刺激物;促進因素。3. 【電學】激源。4. 【植物;植物學】刺毛。5. 【昆】針,刺。

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  1. In the tide of the afflux of knowledge from west to east, with the transplantation of modern legal system, development of legal education and the introduction of the western legal analysis method, both the legal system and the legal knowledge system of classical china ruptured, then collapsed

  2. Sometimes comity is regarded as a stimulus to the pattern of behaviour.

  3. Experimental research of cutaneous stimulus toxity via skin

  4. Behaviorism in linguistics holds that children learn language through a chain ofstimulus - response reinforcement ”, and the adult ' s use of language is also a process ofstimulus - response ”

  5. This study is backed by the research project of stimulus onset asynchrony ( soa ) detection, a newly devised multisensory erp experimental method. on the basis of spatiotemporal pca and existing temporal component extraction method, a spatial component extraction method was designed and materialized. detailed algorithm description, software development introduction and application example discussion were all presented

    本研究以一種新型的多感知erp實驗方法?異步刺激檢測法( soadetection )的研究項目為背景,以時空pca與現有的時間成分提取法為基礎,進行了空間成分提取法的演算法設計,並做了軟體開發及應用分析。