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  1. Most homes in east albuquerque are an easy commute to kirtland afb, sandia laboratories and the city s main business centers, hospitals and airport

    空屋率戲劇性地跌落了,在1993年的10月達到1 . 7 %的低值,並且租金增加了。
  2. The fault controlled the magmatism and metallization relevant to the contact zone, and deformed successively and produced cataclastic rocks and two sets of joints ; the second stage was from late cretaceous to eocene. the fault zone deformed right - laterally under ne - sw striking transtention, and new joints zone was produced at the end of the two main faults because of local stress concentration. the fault produced inchoative cataclastic rocks, and two sets of typical joints in plutons ; the third stage of deformation was relatively faint and only a little of microcracks was produced and infilled with vei ns in the deformed rocks, which was during the himalayan movement

  3. In this case during paleozoic, nearly east west trending arc structures resulted from the interaction between china plate and siberian plate. in mesozoic the westward subduction of kula - pacific plate under the china continental plate resulted in the nne and ne trend structures ( duimadao fault, diaoyudao fault, okinawa fault, uplifts belts and subsidence belts ) as well as volcano - magmatic belts in eastern of china plate

    本文所涉及近東西向展布的弧形構造形成於古生代時期中國板塊與西伯利亞板塊的碰撞帶,而在中生代,中國板塊下的kula - pacific板塊向西俯沖導致了北北東向和北東向構造(如duimadao斷層、 diaoyudao斷層、 okinawa斷層、隆起帶和沉降帶)以及位於中國板塊東部的火山巖漿帶。
  4. But the learning knight would not hear say nay nor do her mandement ne have him in aught contrarious to his list and he said how it was a marvellous castle

    然而學生騎士既不容旅人說一「否」字,不允許旅人違背己意,對婦人之譴責更充耳不聞乃曰: 「那是座何等神奇之城堡。 」
  5. Q. de lequipe qui avait cree le festival en 2000, il ne reste que si sushi. que sest - il passe ? on parle de pressions des autorites chinoises, est - ce exact

    問: 2001平遙國際攝影大展的創辦者,現在只剩下司蘇實1人,外界傳言,有的人迫於政府的壓力,不參加了,事實是否是這樣呢?