albuquerque journal中文意思是什麼

albuquerque journal解釋

  • albuquerque: 阿布奎基
  • journal: n. 1. 日記,日誌。 【航海】航海日記。2. 【會計】分類賬,日記賬。3. 日報;定期刊物,雜志。4. 〈the Journals〉(立法機關、委員會等的)議事錄。5. 【機械工程】軸頸。

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  2. Most homes in east albuquerque are an easy commute to kirtland afb, sandia laboratories and the city s main business centers, hospitals and airport

    空屋率戲劇性地跌落了,在1993年的10月達到1 . 7 %的低值,並且租金增加了。
  3. Results of the study, published in the february issue of the journal pediatrics, may enable early identification of children who are at risk for poor neuro - developmental outcome after brain injury as newborns and thus target those children for early therapeutic intervention

  4. He recorded the important events ad his afterthoughts in his travel journal

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