animus et factum中文意思是什麼

animus et factum解釋
表裡如一, 動機和行為的一致

  • animus: n. 1. 意圖,宗旨,主導思想。2. 敵意,惡意。
  • et: ET =eastern time 〈美國〉東部時間。〈拉丁語〉 和,以及 (=and)。 et al 1 =et alibi 2 =et ali...
  • factum: n. 〈拉丁語〉 (pl. -ta ) 【法律】1. 事實;行為。2. 呈文,事實陳述書,辯駁書。3. (遺囑的)正式訂立。

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  1. Tetranychus viennensis zacher in trunk were concentrated in old crack barks and girdling cracks. tetranychus viennensis zacher in first and second limbs were concentrated in the boundary of axial shoot and stem, axial shoot and center trunk, girdling cracks, pruning wound and aerial roots et al. these tetranychus viennensis zacher were distributed mainly in the shady side of the branch

    主幹上的山楂紅蜘蛛主要集中在老翹皮下及環剝裂縫內,分佈於第1 、 2層主枝上的紅蜘蛛主要集中在主枝與主幹、主枝與中心干交界處、環剝裂縫、剪鋸口、氣生根等處,且主要分佈在枝條的背陰面(下部) 。
  2. C t crowe, et al. effect of spin on the internal ballistics of a solid - propellant motor r. aiaa 66 523

    曹泰岳,常顯奇,等.固體火箭發動機燃燒過程理論基礎m .長沙:國防科技大學出版社
  3. Its tunable wave - region is over 100nm ( 701 812nm ) with the characteristics of simple manufacture and compact structure ; pulse with high energy can be obtained through q - switch for longer life ( 260us ) particles in upper level in this paper, tunable and q - switch mechanism and principle of working material alexandrite ( cr3 + : beal204 ) is firstly expatiated and analyzed. the experiment of tenability ( et ) and experiment of q - switch ( eq ) is proved feasible

    該激光器波長在701 - 826nm之間,製作容易,結構緊湊;上能級粒子壽命長( 260 s ) 、調q容易得到大能量輸出本論文首先對激光工作物質?紫翠寶石( cr ~ ( 3 + ) : beal _ 2o _ 4 )的調諧與調q原理和機制進行了解釋與分析,確定了調諧與調q實驗的可行性。
  4. Comme chacun le sait, ? le personnelest le premier element pour l ' existence et le developpement d ' une entreprise alors que le facteur essentiel conditionnant les comportements des gens est la culture

    眾所周知, 「人」是決定企業生存發展的第一要素,而制約人的行為的重要因素則是文化。
  5. Biological characters were observed and karyotypes were analyzed of caragana microphylla lam c. intermedia kuang et h. c. fu and c. arborescens ( amm. ) lam in this paper. at the same time, thirty plant belong to caragana fabr from different regions were analyzed by molecular markers in order to study relationship among them. the main results as followed : 1. the result of morphology showed : there are differentia among caragana microphylla lam c. intermedia kuang et h. c. fu and c. arborescens ( amm. ) lam

    結果表明: ( 1 )中間錦雞兒、小葉錦雞兒和樹錦雞兒的植物學性狀和生物學特性具有差異,如莖干有毛或光滑、樹的高矮、抗性的強弱等;也有一定的相似性,如有小葉、托葉在長枝上宿存可硬化成針刺等。