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  • diffusion: n. 1. 散布,發散。2. 傳播,普及。3. 冗長。4. 【化學】滲濾。5. 【物理學】擴散,漫射。
  • current: adj. 1. 通用的,流行的。2. 現在的,現時的,當時的。3. 流暢的;草寫的。n. 1. 水流;氣流;電流。2. 思潮,潮流;趨勢,傾向。3. 進行,過程。

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  1. ( i ) in the procession of preparing na2feo4 by electrolyzing and oxidizing anodic iron in the high concentration solution of naoh, the current efficiency is directly proportional to both of the temperature and the alkaline concentration of the anolyte, and the growth rate of the na2feo4 concentration of anolyte is directly proportional to both of the electrolyzing speed and the alkaline concentration of anolyte.,

    主要結論如下: ( 1 )在濃naoh溶液中直流電解氧化鐵陽極生成na _ 2feo _ 4溶液的過程中,電解液溫度、陽極液堿濃度與電流效率成正函數關系;電解速度、陽極液堿濃度與陽極液中na _ 2feo _ 4濃度的增長速度成正函數關系。
  2. Based on the empirical study of farmers " behavior, this paper analyses the current situation of production, marketing, adoption and diffusion of the detoxicated strawberry seedlings in rugao city of jiangsu province

  3. In acid copper sulphate solution, the nc copper has a more negative corrosion potential which is decreasing with reducing the grain size and diffusion impedance was only found in the as - prepared and as - annealed at 180 ? nc copper due to the diffusion within the pores and channels on the surface. both the tafel plots and eis study demonstrated that the nc copper exhibits a higher corrosion current and lower polarization resistance than its mc couterpart

    在酸性硫酸銅溶液中,納米晶銅的腐蝕電位比微米晶銅要負,並且隨著晶粒尺寸的減小而降低。 eis研究表明,未退火的和180退火的納米樣品中發現了擴散阻抗,與表面孔洞和通道中的擴散有關。極化曲線外推法和電化學阻抗研究都表明納米晶銅的腐蝕電流比微米晶銅高,而極化電阻要低。
  4. Transport in the diffusion layers and catalyst layers are described by a superposition of knudsen diffusion and stefan - maxwell diffusion, and electrochemical kinetics for anodic methanol oxidation and cathodic oxygen reduction are described by tafel equation

    模型以stefan - maxwell擴散和knudsen擴散的疊加描述了氣體混合物在多孔電極中的擴散過程,以tafel方程描述了甲醇在陽極氧化和氧在陰極還原的電化學動力學。
  5. The oil film trajectory oscillates back and forth with the ebb and flood current, and its thickness decreases and area increases during the drift process with oscillation due to the diffusion