atlas aircraft中文意思是什麼

atlas aircraft解釋

  • atlas: n 1 【希臘神話】阿特拉斯〈雙肩掮天巨神〉;〈比喻〉身負重擔的人。2 非洲阿特拉斯山。3 〈a 〉 地圖集...
  • aircraft: 飛機(單復數同)

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  1. Aerospace ; maintenance and repairing of aircraft glazings of acrylic plastics ; general directions

  2. Currently we have 91 men power. equipped with all kinds of foam engines including 6 trucks of 3, 000 gallons, 2 trucks of 1, 500 gallons, 2 ea of providing 5, 000 gallons water s reservoir trucks, 1 ea 45 meters aerial ladder, in addition, we have one set of equipment on aircraft vacuation, a hoist truck and all kinds of rescue equipments

    現有人力九十一員,備有各型化學泡沫消防車3 , 000加侖六輛、 1 , 500加侖二輛、中繼水庫車5 , 000加侖二輛、 45公尺雲梯消防車一輛;另備有航機撤運裝備一組、吊掛車一輛、及各類搶救器材裝備。
  3. This paper integrates direct lateral force control with aerodynamic control, taking the anti - aircraft missile which has the anti - guided ability in the aerosphere as research subject

  4. The airbus a380 is a double - decker aircraft that holds 555 passengers

  5. Standard specification for continued airworthiness system for powered parachute aircraft