azimuthally-varying-field cyclotron中文意思是什麼

azimuthally-varying-field cyclotron解釋

  • varying: 變化的
  • field: n 菲爾德〈姓氏〉。n 1 原野,曠野;(海、空、冰雪等的)茫茫一片。2 田地,牧場;割草場;〈pl 〉〈集...
  • cyclotron: n. 【物理學】徊旋加速器。

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  1. The magnetic field requirement of the sth harmonic gyroklystrons over cyclotron resonance masers ( crms ) would be reduced by a factor of s relative to operate on the fundamental cyclotron frequency, so that the amplifier could be applied to highly mobile millimeter wave radar systems

    基於電子迴旋諧振脈塞原理工作的諧波迴旋速調放大器的工作磁場強度是基波的1 / s ( s是諧波數) ,因而能適用於機動性較高的軍用毫米波雷達系統。
  2. As the values of wave factors in period of reoccurrence were deduced for many significant propagating direction in the yangtse river estuary, the wave reflection - refraction modeling is employed in terms of the equations with the slowly varying topography, and the influence on the effects of the channel and shoaling is included in this model. at the same times, the effects of the bottom friction and wave breaking are also considered, but the local wind field and background flow are ignored

  3. Presently, there ' s a trend of study - focus increasing, angle - of - view varying and study - field specializing, as well as of combining the partial - locality analyzing with general - law summarizing in methods and of combining principal parts with innovating parts in theories, which has deepened the study on this subject and pushed some valuable achievements forward

  4. Firstly, in the magnetic field varying from 0mt to 1200mt, we have tested the faraday rotation angle of the three kinds of crystals. at different aspects such as nonlinear aspects, the influence on rotation angle caused by coating the crystals and inclining them the experiment has been finished. and the experiment achieved the following results : 1

    從faraday效應的磁致非線性特徵、鍍增透膜對faraday旋光角的影響、晶體傾斜對旋光角的影響三個有關旋光角的方面進行了實驗,得出: 1 、 faraday旋轉隨外磁場變化的非線性變化曲線; 2 、鍍增透膜前後晶體旋光角的變化比較曲線; 3 、晶體傾斜前後旋光角變化比較曲線。
  5. So the research on these new materials is becoming more and more important. we collected and analyzed the overseas and domestic sufficient date for the optical characteristics of magneto - optic crystal. then we bring forward a research topic in varying magnetic field on some crystals optical characteristics such as the angle of rotation, the depolarization ratio and so on