baby act中文意思是什麼

baby act解釋
幼稚行為 (plead the baby act 〈美國〉以幼稚無經驗為口實)。

  • baby: n 1 嬰兒,赤子,奶娃娃。2 孩子氣的人;幼小動物;小東西,一個集體[家庭]中最年幼的人。3 〈常作定語...
  • act: 1 Association of Classroom Teachers (美國)任課教師協會。2 American College Test 美國大學測驗。3...

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  1. Thus, the complement system act as a link between innate and acquired immunity

    因此,補體是連接機體天然免疫和獲得性免疫( adaptiveimmunity )的「橋梁」 。
  2. Can my baby acquire immunity if he she receives some doses of dtwp opv and some doses of dtap - ipv vaccines ? will there be any adverse effects from such a programme

    以新舊兩種疫苗dtap - ipv及dtwp opv完成接種能否為幼兒帶來有效的保護此接種方法會否引起不良效果
  3. His last act must be a deed of impiety.

  4. These four vitamins act in coenzymes.

  5. Play the baby act