bezold sign中文意思是什麼

bezold sign解釋

  • bezold: 貝措爾德
  • sign: n 1 記號,符號。2 信號,暗號。3 (示意的)姿勢,手勢;表示。4 招牌,廣告(牌)。5 形跡、痕跡〈常...

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  1. The chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence.

  2. If buy the statement when the home applies for refund to did not get money, and you had delivered goods actually, so you need to be offerred inside 7 days deliver goods flourishing of proof of proof, the sign after receiving sth that buy the home, bilateral the flourishing that clean out treasure chats record, if you do not upload, the system will be acquiescent you did not get money and refund gives buy the home, if uploaded, need awaits patiently small the examine and verify of 2

  3. As there is no evidence that a deponent s oath affirmation attends to the whole document, unless the deponent affirmant and the attesting solicitor commissioner for oaths sign each and every page of the document

  4. American sign language signed english lessons

  5. Although the event, which featured a well known political figure as the speaker, provided an american sign language interpreter, there were neither assistive listening devices nor captioning

    此事由演講者? ?一位眾所周知的政壇名人發起的,雖然它提供了美國手語翻譯機,卻沒有助聽設備也沒有字幕。