biscuit cone中文意思是什麼

biscuit cone解釋

  • biscuit: n. 1. 餅干〈美國叫 cracker〉;〈美國〉熱松餅。2. 餅干色,淡褐色。3. 本色陶[瓷]器,素坯。
  • cone: n 1 圓錐,錐形物;錐面;錐體。2 火山錐,圓錐形火山;錐狀地區。3 【植物;植物學】球果,球花。4 風...

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  1. In the early december, the first bract primordium was formed in the axil scale at the cone base, then bract initiation had occurred in acropetal direction

  2. Bract scale the structure found in large numbers in the female cone of gymnosperms, each bearing an ovuliferous scale in its axil

  3. I caught her with her fingers in the biscuit tin.

  4. The result show the ommatida that form the compound eye in penaeus monodon fabriciu were composed of cornea, four cone cells, eight retinular cells and some pigment cells

  5. Make four indentations into the condenser near the standard cone joint.