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  • cable: n 凱布爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻三根三股索;粗索,巨纜;鋼絲繩...
  • thread: n 1 線;細絲;〈英國〉麻紗,〈美國〉棉紗;纖維。2 細線,細流,細礦脈。3 (議論等的)思路,條理,...

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  1. Aluminum - polyethylene primary covering used as the sheath for aerial cable

  2. Erect aerial roots arising from cable roots to facilitate gaseous exchange of the roots of some mangrove species ( e. g

  3. In fact, obtaining free airtime from local cable television stations is not as difficult as commonly perceived by most people

  4. Light - wave special thread and cable, have been original invented, very high technology level, trusted and loved by more and more old and new consumer, and set up a goodsociety image

    光波線纜獨創,科技含量之高(可取代進口線) ,越來越被全國軍工企業、民營企業及外企所信賴,樹立了良好的社會形象。
  5. Yuanfang brand yfd branch s cable is rational because of the structure, technology advanced person, measuring strictly, product quality is in the leading level of the same trade, but apply to distribution systems, such as house, high - story office building, tunnel, hotel, hospital, market, etc. extensively, can apply to the main pole thread and have illuminations system that branch thread requires too ( the highway, bridge, tunnel and airfield runway )

    遠方牌yfd分支電纜由於結構合理、工藝先進、嚴格檢測,產品質量處于同行業領先水平,可廣泛應用於住宅、高層辦公樓、隧道、賓館、醫院、商場等配電系統,也可應用於主桿線有分支線要求的照明系統(公路、橋梁、隧道及機場跑道) 。