capes of hong kong中文意思是什麼

capes of hong kong解釋

  • capes: 卡佩斯
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • hong: n. 〈漢語〉(中國、日本的)行,商行。

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  2. The fire protection design of hong kong international aerodrome

  3. The system was initiated as a joint project of the aids unit and department of microbiology, the university of hong kong. the project was launched in 1995 and has been titled assr aids scenario and surveillance research

    此監測系統是由衛生署愛滋病服務組及香港大學微生物學系一同設立的,此項研究始於一九九五年,研究名稱為assr 。
  4. Visitors can enter a similar world of nature in the sir edward youde aviary, named after a former governor of hong kong

    園內的尤德觀鳥園,以香港前總督尤德命名,佔地3 , 000平方米。
  5. Typical stephen chow black humour, it reminds me of hong kong cinema in its early days