音標 ['sentəriŋ, 'sentriŋ]
n. 名詞 1. 定(中)心,定圓心,對中。
2. 【建築】臨時穹頂支架,拱膺架(裝置)。


    1. Geodetic intruments. adaption dimension of fixed centering

    2. Lack of orthogonality between a suspension(or centering)axis and the spin axis will then result in a drift-producing torque exerted on the gimbal.

    3. To find a solution to the deviation between center position of strip and process line, a kind of method for strip centering control with inductive sensor is proposed

    4. The company pays more attention to the sales network and after - sale service, builds a sales system centering around the provincial capital and major industrial cities, focusing on the prefecture - level cities and radiating to the county - level cities. its products are also sold to more than 10 countries or regions and supplied to the northeastern power transforming and transferring company, the liaohe oil field, sanxia project and the key projects in middle east and north america for use with good quality and favorable feedback

    5. Furthermore, in combination with the present situation of hengsteel group, and through swot analysis, a combined competition strategy for hengsteel group is put forward that hengsteel group, taking the favourable opportunity of the big west development strategy of our country, adopt the expansion strategy to build and reconstruct a large size seamless steel pipe production line and adopt the policy of integrating cost leading and target centering