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  • chf: 充血性心力衰竭
  • congo: n. 〈the Congo〉 1. 剛果〈非洲〉。 2. 剛果河〈即扎伊爾河〉〈非洲〉。n. (中國的)工夫紅茶。
  • virus: n 1 【醫學】病毒;濾過性病原體。2 毒素;毒害。3 惡意,惡毒。4 【計算機】(電腦)病毒〈指擾亂或破...

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  1. Medical full name is " blemish of acquired character immunity is asked for integratedly " ( aids ), it is human body contracted virus of human immunity blemish ( hiv ), call aids virus place the infection that cause again

    醫學全名為「獲得性免疫缺陷綜合征」 ( aids ) ,是人體感染了人類免疫缺陷病毒( hiv ) ,又稱艾滋病病毒所導致的傳染病。
  2. Virus is by dinky gene albumen the element is formed, cannot ego is progenitive

  3. Aliquots of cells were mixed 0. 15 % mg / ml fb - 28, and kept at 4c for 30min, fusion assays were conducted : fluorescence was measured immediately at regular time - points with fluorescence spectrophotometer with an excitation wave length of 560nm and emission wave length of 590nm. the percentages of membrane fusion was calculated. by monitoring fusion using the r18 assay, we found that the fluorescent brightener 28 influenced membrane fusion of virus and midgut epithelia cells

    此外,採用分子探針r18 (熒光標記物)標記病毒囊膜,體外分離中腸上皮細胞,將標記的病毒粒子與離體中腸上皮細胞混合后保溫,病毒吸附zh后,通過檢測熒光的變化來監測病毒粒子與上皮細胞的融合。
  4. Viral rnas were extracted from virus - infected allantoic fluids using qiaamp mini - extraction kits. after reverse transcription, cdna was amplified using specific primers for each gene segment

    用qiagen的rneasyrna試劑盒提取病毒rna后,逆助興才李醫『筍脂碩聖『老『才轉錄合成cdna 。
  5. The human immunodeficiency virus ( hiv ), which causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome ( aids ), is thought to have crossed from chimpanzees to humans in the late 1940s or early 1950s in congo

    免疫缺陷)病毒會引起後天免疫的缺乏的綜合病癥( aids艾滋病) ,此被認為是在20世紀40 - 50年代在剛果黑猩猩傳給人類的病毒。