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  • china: n. 中國。n. 瓷器;瓷料,白瓷土,瓷質黏土。 a piece of china一件瓷器。
  • green: adj 1 綠色的,青色的。2 未成熟的;年青的;無經驗的;易受騙的,天真的。3 未加工的;未處理過的;(...
  • agar: n. 1. 洋菜,瓊脂,石花菜。2. 細菌培養基。

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  2. Sanmen china blue and green crab festival is for the purpose of making, show the image of ningbo and bring about an advance in economy, the characteristic brand

  3. Benthic foraminifer fauna, ams14c dating and acoustic sub - bottom profile was analyzed in the core ey02 - 2 and ey02 - 1 drilled from the muddy deposit in the middle southern yellow sea and the mid - shelf of north east china sea. considering the results of core qc2 ? dz4 and the standard oxygen isotope curves, we discussed the late - quaterenary paleo - environment evolution, benthic foraminifer fauna, paleo - climate, the climate events and water mass in postglacial period, average sedimentation rates, paleo - water depth, origin of sediments, average sea level rise rate in the shelf of south yellow sea and east china sea. at last we discussed the condition of sea level rise in the east china, green house effect and the protection of coastal zone

    本文根據南黃海中部泥質區和東海中陸架的兩個鉆孔巖芯的古生物、 ams ~ ( 14 ) c測年、淺地層剖面等,參考qc _ 2 、 dz _ 4成果及標準氧同位素曲線探討了黃東海陸架晚第四紀古環境演化、底棲動物群特徵、古氣候、冰後期以來氣候事件、古水團、沉積速率、古水深、沉積物源、海平面平均上升率,討論目前中國東部海平面上升的狀況、溫室效應及海岸帶保護。
  4. Chinese green party china green party

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