clearance outward中文意思是什麼

clearance outward解釋

  • clearance: n 1 清除,掃除,除去;解除。2 【林業】終伐;(伐去樹木后的)林間空地。3 出[入]港證;放行證;出入...
  • outward: adj 1 外頭的,外部的;外形的,表面的;皮毛的;明顯的;可見的;公開的。2 向外的,向外去的;外出的...

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  1. The accumulative net outward investment reaches $ 90. 63 billion

  2. The practical issue of drum brake with oversized overall stroke was resolved by experiments, and it indicates that major effect factors of air chamber overall stroke, which are the drum - shoe clearance, the elastic modulus of lining, the torsion deflection of cam shaft

  3. Under these circumstances some of the more outward-oriented middle-income exporters of manufactures could sustain growth, albeit at comparatively low rates.

  4. The concept and meaning of clearance ; function and regulation of aldosterone ; secretion of h 、 nh3 、 k ; micturition reflex

    清除率的概念及測定意義;醛固酮的作用和調節; h 、 nh3 、 k分泌;排尿反射。
  5. Amy sewed with outward meekness and inward rebellion till dusk.