coaching of supervisors中文意思是什麼

coaching of supervisors解釋

  • coaching: 場外指導
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。

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  1. Through the analysis contrapose to the reason which causes the problem and commercial banks governing structure in different families of law, the article poses out ; establishing wide administrating right to corporation affairs by directorate, avoiding that state - owned stock holders intervene decision - making in the bank, reinforcing the benefit protection of stock - holders and others who are related to it, paying more attention to remold with commercial state banks board of supervisors by enlarging its authority, and perfecting its financial supervising and strengthen promoting system etc

  2. As long as you are aged 6 or above, you may get the experience of galloping on the horse - back under the coaching of professional trainers. the school provides a wide variety of training classes to promote the equestrian sport

  3. However, the obstructing to the board of supervisors ’ function is not the functional shortcoming of the board of supervisors ’ setting pattern

  4. The expenses necessary for the board of supervisors to exercise its authorities shall be borne by the company

  5. The discussion methods and voting procedures of the board of supervisors shall be prescribed in the articles of association, unless it is otherwise stimulated in this law