coat-core fiber中文意思是什麼

coat-core fiber解釋

  • coat: n 1 上衣,外衣,外套。 ★厚大衣叫 overcoat 〈英國〉 greatcoat 2 (女人、孩童的)短大衣。3 鎖子甲。...
  • core: CORE =Congress of Racial Equality 〈美國〉爭取種族平等大會。n 1 果心。2 (事物、問題等的)中心,...
  • fiber: n. 〈美國〉 = fibre。
  1. The density distribution shows coronet as to the single mode. and the density distribution shows equality as to the multi - modes, except the little hollow in the optical fiber core. the second is coherent incidence light

  2. Optical fiber coating loose tube, fill in fiber compound, strengthened steel wire in the middle, tube gasket around steel wire as se intertwist, cable fiber fill in cable core, and then coating water blocking tape, double - faced pe outer jacket. best se intertwist protect optical fiber away from drawing and press

  3. Analysis on the performance of lightwave in the large - core optical fiber connector

  4. The fibers are glass fiber and core - spun yarn

  5. The difficulty lies primarily in the fact that the fiber core is relatively small.