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  • coffee: n 咖啡(樹、豆、粉或色)。 a cup of coffee一杯咖啡。 black coffee(不加牛奶的)咖啡。 white coffe...
  • house: n 豪斯〈姓氏〉。n (pl houses )1 房屋,住宅;住家;一家,一戶。2 家,家庭;家務。3 家族;王朝。4...

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  2. About 15 minutes to kunming wujiaba international airport and the transportation is very convenient. cafeteria coffee house japanese cuisine hot well super luxurious chinese restaurant luxurious ktv club parking square

  3. One of them was the woman running a coffee house i frequent

  4. Take a look at the different types of coffees that you can order in a coffee house

  5. On a frosty december dawn, i flick a switch and the house begins to warm ; another switch, and the coffee perks