colloidal manganese中文意思是什麼

colloidal manganese解釋

  • colloidal: adj. 膠質的,膠態的。
  • manganese: n. 【化學】錳。 black manganese氧化錳。 manganese ocher 黑赭石。 manganese spar 【礦物】菱錳礦。 manganese steel 錳鋼。

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  1. We infered that this new absorption band was associated with the effect of charge - transfer transition between adsorbates and colloidal silver particles, not the effect of the surface plasma resonance due to the silver particles aggregation which was usually attributed to in previous research work

    我們將其歸因於與納米銀顆粒表面間的電荷轉移效應( ct ) ,而非通常所認為的因銀膠凝聚而產生的表面等離子體共振吸收效應。
  2. The persulfate - arsenite volumetric method for the determination of manganese content

  3. Colloidal particles are bombarded by molecules of the dispersion medium.

  4. Boric acid and borax for export. determination of manganese content

  5. The tio2 colloidal particles are brookite nanocrystals, and the pss / ti02 films are polycrystalline films with relatively high hardness and can serve the function as reflection - enhancing coatings

    Pss tio _ 2薄膜為由板鈦礦tio _ 2納米晶所構成的多晶膜,硬度較高,具有增反作用。