combustion blow by中文意思是什麼

combustion blow by解釋

  • combustion: n. 1. 燃燒,發火,點火。2. (有機體內營養料的)氧化。3. 騷動。
  • blow: vi (blew blown )1 (風)吹。2 (汽笛等)叫,鳴,響。3 喘氣;吹氣;(鯨等)噴水;噴氣。4 (輪胎...
  • by: adv 1 在側,在旁,在附近。2 (擱)在一邊,(放)到旁邊,(存)在一旁;收著。3 (由旁邊)經過,過...

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  1. Final cooling section is at the end of the roller kiln, cooling tiles by axile fans suck a great of environment air and blow air onto the tiles directly, cooling tiles fast

  2. This thesis studies the law of affecting de - noise result and the selection of the threshold and the wavelet function, the combination of wavelet and fft in the fault diagnosis of turbine - generator sets : by the de - noise anslysis of blocks and sin signals, concludes : to blocks signals, usually adopts soft threshold ; the law of affecting de - noise result is when use wavelet auto - de - noise, with the increasing of decomposed level, the de - noise result becomes worse while the level blow the 3, when the level above 3 and when uses wavelet packet, it is the other way round ; the best de - noise methods of the signal is that uses " dbl " wavelet function, three level, soft and " rigrsure " threshold

  3. Units are prepared by packing the powder into small combustion capsules.

  4. Dcn test method for the determination of ignition delay and derived cetane number of diesel fuel oils by combustion in a constant volume chamber

  5. I prefer soccer commentator to report a match blow by blow