complimentary use of rental car中文意思是什麼

complimentary use of rental car解釋

  • complimentary: adj. 1. 問候的,祝賀的,致敬的;稱贊的。2. 會說恭維話的,善於辭令的。3. 免費贈送的。
  • use: n 1 使用,利用,應用;使用的機會[需要]。2 使用的能力。3 使用的自由,使用權。4 使用法。5 用途;效...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • rental: n. 地租總額;租金總額,租費,收入;〈罕用語〉租折,租冊。
  • car: 1 civil air regulations 民航條例。2 controlled avalanche rectifier 可控雪崩整流器。n 1 車輛;(小...

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  3. Additionally, the epd initiated a joint study with the association and the hong kong productivity council hkpc on controlling volatile organic compounds from the repairing activities, such as car painting with the use of a portable activated carbon air filtration system

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  5. Go in groups by car and the like, cut down on unnecessary use of fuel, gas and electricity whenever possible, use economical light bulbs etc. with the same or greater brightness