confined seepage中文意思是什麼

confined seepage解釋

  • confined: adj. 1. 有限的,狹窄的。2. 被禁閉著的。3. 產期內的。4. 受約束的。
  • seepage: n. 〈美 Scot. 〉1. 漏水;滲流。2. 滲漏;滲出(現象)。3. 【礦物】油苗。

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  1. This thesis tries to solve the problems in the design and construction of jinping cascade 2 hydropower station. a typical section is selected to analysis seepage, seepage control and fem numerical simulation. the influence of different plans of excavation and support on seepage field of subsurface water and stability of adjoining rock are studied. the homologous support pattern is suggested according to the research results

  2. The products of combustion and of industrial processing are contained with a confined air mass.

  3. He also had little interest in the dispute so long as it was confined to obtuse and theoretical bureaucratic backbiting.

  4. That this met with no favor, but on the other hand, that hbm ( his or her britannic majesty ) consul proposed a day ' s journey in the interior, and refused to listen to more confined bounds, he gradually enlarged his circle

    這種待遇是不友好的,但在另一方面,他與她的大不列顛國王( hbm )領事提出了一個內地旅行日程,並拒絕聽從更大的限制范圍,他逐步擴大了他的范圍。
  5. The researches indicated : ( 1 ) the seepage flow field of infiltration diversion is characterized by three - dimensional, saturated and steady flow. there is the close hydraulic relationship between the river and the groundwater in the filtering bed, and the groundwater is confined

    研究表明: ( 1 )滲濾取水的滲流場具有典型的飽和三維穩定流特徵;滲濾取水濾床中地下水與河流的水力聯系比較緊密,濾床中的地下水處于承壓狀態。