contention mode中文意思是什麼

contention mode解釋

  • contention: n. 1. 斗爭,競爭,爭論。2. (爭論中的)論點,主張。
  • mode: n 1 法,樣,方法,方式。2 模,型;樣式,體裁,款式;習慣。3 風尚;〈the mode〉流行,時髦。4 【語...

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  1. A study on the educational mode acclimate intellectual economy

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  3. The main operating transformer connected by a adscititious tandem on - load - tap - changing one is the important mode. about this question readers can get a correct and detailed answer from this paper

  4. Then, after dinner, on the pretext of business, he questioned the father and son upon their mode of living ; and the father and son, previously informed that it was through danglars the one was to receive his 48, 000 francs and the other 50, 000 livres annually, were so full of affability that they would have shaken hands even with the banker s servants, so much did their gratitude need an object to expend itself upon

  5. 3. research how to depress the mode contention of large dimension rbwo

    3 、對如何抑制大口徑rbwo中模式競爭問題作了初步的研究。