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  • correct: adj 正確的;恰當的,合適的;(品行等)端正的。 a correct account 正確的說明。 a correct young man...
  • error: n. 1. 錯誤;失錯。2. 謬見,誤想;誤信;誤解。3. 罪過。4. 【數學】誤差;【法律】誤審,違法;(棒球中的)錯打。adj. -less 無錯誤的,正確的。

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  1. Secondly, the development and the theory of operation of an intelligent pressure transmitter are analyzed and the error correct and the power consumption of it are presented and solved. thirdly, the data interfusion technology and automatic test is presented. and then, the theories of operation of the sensor and the hardware, the function descriptions of the software and the function and capability criterions of a

    在hbcc / hbyc系列智能差壓變送器的研製中,研究了電容式智能差壓變送器的傳感器和硬體工作原理,軟體的功能描述,變送器的功能和性能規范,以及軟體設計的總體方案。
  2. This is, he must remove the error or correct the omission in his instruction to the machine.

  3. Aberration of electronic lens made by electron gun and aberration of magnetic deflection system made by dy are comprehensively investigated, so is the shadow mask ' s effect on electron beam landing screen error. the conclusion can be get that, because the distribution of electron beam landing screen ( distribution of luminance ) is affected by many kinds of factors, it cannot get the correct function by calculation, and should be get by measurement instead

  4. Because the system error is ineluctable for mode, it is necessary to correct the simulation fielde effectively. in this paper, based on the idea of combined eof correction, the interannual simulation of sea surface wind stress anomalies of the tropical pacific ocean by lap two - level atmosphereic model have been corrected, result of corrected erperiment shows that the corrected field is more similar to the observation field, especially on the distribution of the space. three prediction experiments also shew that correcting scheme of combined eof can improve the interannual prediction veracity of model

  5. The constitutions and principles of position of gps > glonass and beidou navigation system are described all around in this article, and the following technologies are studied and realized : communication between com ports with oop technology, compound navigation with gps and glonass. calculate velocity, pseudorange difference, smoothing pseudorange with the carrier - phase and models to correct error are also done ; the transforms between wgs - 84 and pz - 90, as well as wgs - 84 and beijing54 coordinate system ; the technologies to display and manage bitmap, vector map based on mapx also ; conversion of data formats between gjb and mif data format of maplnfo corp. arithmetic of creation dem data based on contour line data from 1 -. 25000 map data with gjb format. texture the surface of terrains with corrected aviation image

    本文全面介紹了gps 、 glonass 、北斗導航系統的組成、定位原理,研究並實現了面向對象的串口通信技術、 gps + glonass組合導航、測速及偽距差分、相位平滑偽距差分以及有關誤差的模型改正、 wgs ? 84和pz ? 90 、 wgs ? 84和北京54坐標系的坐標轉換、柵格地圖的顯示和管理、基於mapx的矢量地圖的顯示和管理、 1 : 25萬軍標數據和mapinfo的mif數據格式雙向轉換、基於軍標數據的dem生成演算法、基於opengl的三維地形構造、航空圖像紋理地形表面、三維坐標量算、虛擬現實模擬導航、三維地形的層次細化演算法以及數字圖像處理中的圖像增強、幾何變換、影像匹配等技術。