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  • cost: n 1 費用;代價,價格;成本。2 犧牲;損害,損失。3 〈pl 〉訟費。vt (cost; cost)1 值,要價(苦幹...
  • formula: n (pl formulas lae )1 公式,程式;定則,方案。2 【醫學】配方,處方。3 (政治口號等的)提法,表...

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  1. 4. in the cost accrual box, click an accrual method

    4 .在「成本累算」框中,選擇一種累算方式。
  2. This formula can be applied to any cost pools

  3. On the basis of the analyse of built continuous rigid - frame bridge ratio of span, according to the concept of engineering economy, while only to think about cost, the paper gains to choice rational ratio of span formula

  4. Based on the analyses of the investment of nozzle tube net and relationship between the annual operation cost and tube diameter function of a fixed spray irrigation system, a mathematic model to calculate the economical tube diameter of a spray irrigation system is developed by using the minimum expense norm and nonlinear planning theory in engineering economic analysis, and a direct calculation formula for the economical tube diameter in unrestrained conditions is presented

  5. The formula to calculate capital cost of debt is quite easy